Ateet Upadhyaya resists arrest after causing disturbance in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police encountered a very intoxicated 35-year-old Ateet Upadhyaya outside the Lucky Bastard Saloon in downtown Nashville on January 15 as he was repeatedly walking over to a group of strangers and interrupting their evening and being a general annoyance. Officers noted if his behavior didn’t stop, a fight would likely break out. Ateet walked away a few feet and then reached both hands out and grabbed two random individuals by their necks, assaulting them. Officers attempted to gain control of Ateet to place him into custody and eventually had to pin him against a wall to gain compliance.

Jonathan Levy trashed by a trashcan on Broadway in downtown Nashville

30-year-old Jonathan was on the ground outside of the Levy Lucky Bastard Saloon in the early hours of Sunday morning, lying beside a trashcan. Officers stopped to check on his welfare, and he stated he was too drunk to get up. A medic ATV arrived to transport him to the staging area at 1st & Broadway to get him into an ambulance; however, he became combative and belligerent, so the transport was refused, and he was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Garrett Nash charged in assault of girlfriend after night of drinking on New Year’s Eve

26-year-old Garrett Nash and his girlfriend, Savannah Gulley Decker, were drinking with friends in downtown Nashville on New Year’s Eve when they got into a verbal argument. They shared an Uber back to Lichey Ave, where each had parked their own car at a friend’s home for the evening. As they waited there in their separate vehicles for the homeowner to also return, Garrett reportedly became impatient and wanted to return home to Clarksville. He reportedly demanded his girlfriend get into his car so they could leave, and she refused. She says he then pulled on both of her arms, leaving red marks on them. The homeowner arrived and asked Garrett to leave, but he refused. Officers then responded to the scene and determined him to be the primary aggressor in a domestic assault, and he was transported to jail.

Love’s employee Toni Dunn stuffs $1900 into her pockets and flees down Trinity Lane on foot

Police say 18-year-old Toni Ernest Dunn was a brand new employee at the Love’s Travel Stop on Trinity Lane when on November 11th, she scanned a “no sale” card which caused both of the cash drawers to open. Knowing her co-worker, Jeffery Sauvie, had just stepped outside to the back of the store. She quickly grabbed $1,930 in cash from the registers and stuffed it in her pants pockets before fleeing the store. Police reviewed the security footage and used her information from her employment file to complete the arrest warrant for felony theft, which she was booked on this week.

De’Anton Donnell Gipson forces his way into ex’s house with handgun, holds her to bed

Mahagoney Elam says she was in the bedroom of her locked home on April 15th when she heard someone pull into the drive and her front door being kicked in. She immediately recognized the screaming voice as that of her ex-boyfriend, 26-year-old De’Anton Donnell Gipson, with a gun in his hand to his side. He reportedly brought her down onto the bed by her neck, screaming “Where are my clippers” and “Who else is in here?”. He removed his grip from her neck when her son entered the room, and began to search her residence, repeating the same questions. He then fled the scene and police arrived. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Maria Cucue bites her boyfriend’s hand, which she says he used to text other women

34-year-old Maria Cucue says her boyfriend, Allen Calvillo used the fingers on his hand to text other women. Police say that during an argument on Saturday she bit Allen’s hand. She latched onto his hand with her mouth so hard that Allen says he had to hit her on the back of her head “a few times” to get her to release her grip.

Woman charged with DUI-2nd after found unconscious behind the wheel in West Nashville — Leann Bernard

41-year-old State of Tennessee employee Leann ‘Lee-Lea’ Bernard was found unconscious behind the wheel of her vehicle in West Nashville, and medics alerted police when they revived her and she was stumbling around with no obvious medical reason. She eventually admitted to officers she had been drinking, and they located two empty beer cans and one nearly empty bottle of vodka in the vehicle. Bernard pleaded guilty to a prior DUI in July of 2019. She was given pre-trial release on the new charge. Bernard is a software developer under the Department of Finance, according to state records.