Collin Foster tackles brother for waving food in his face

28-year-old Collin Foster had a domestic incident with his brother, Tyler Kiger, at their Mohawk Trail residence on April 2nd. When officers arrived, they spoke with Tyler, who stated he and Foster had an argument, which turned physical when he grabbed him and threw him onto the ground, leaving redness around his neck. Foster admitted to taking his brother to the ground but said it was because he waved a bowl of food in front of him during their dispute. He added that he did it in self-defense and released him when the situation de-escalated. Foster was then taken into custody for domestic assault.

Travis Garren goes inside Arby’s to eat after being revived by Narcan in parking lot

45-year-old Travis Garren was found unconscious with shallow breathing in the driver’s seat of a vehicle in the drive-thru for Arbys on Gallatin Pike on September 27th. Police arrived and spoke with the Nashville Fire Department medics, who gave Travis Narcan and revived him up. The medics asked for Travis’s vehicle key to keep him from driving, and they said he entered Arby’s and bought food. Police contacted Travis as he walked out of Arby’s and asked him what had happened. Travis said that he did not know and was profusely sweating. After he performed poorly on sobriety tests, he told police that whatever the medics gave him was making him feel weird. Police placed him into custody, and he had to ask them for a towel to wipe his face due to excessive sweating. When police confirmed his identity with his driver’s license, they reported that he had a previous DUI in 2016. He was transported to Metro General Hospital for a blood draw. While there, Travis complained of pain and was still sweating profusely.

Henry Pangan charged with strangling woman, knocking her into a closet

27-year-old Henry Pangan got into an argument with a woman after she accused him of looking at another woman, and she became erratic, he said. He told police that he attempted to calm her down by holding her back at arm’s length. Also, he said that she threw a bottle of cologne at him, scratched his arms, and bit his chest while at the residence on Fedders Dr. on September 23rd. The victim, Migdalia Soto, said, through an interpreter, that Henry abuses alcohol and gets angry when he goes on bingers. She asked to use his vehicle due to her car being broken, and he said no, called her trash, and other curse words in front of her children at the residence. When she stood up for herself and told him that he would not talk to her like that in front of her children, he slapped her across the face.

She says Henry then pushed her into a closet and placed his hands around her neck as she attempted to escape. She reportedly lost consciousness for a few seconds and could not leave the closet because Henry blocked the door. In an attempt to defend herself, she grabbed a high heel, but Henry got it from her and threw it at her, causing an injury to her hand. Migdalia had to be treated by paramedics and transported to the hospital for her injuries. Her son was at the scene and told police that he saw Henry standing in front of the closet with his mother inside. He said that Magdalia was holding her neck as if she had been strangled.

Jared Taylor charged with attempted murder of his infant daughter

25-year-old Jared Taylor is charged with the attempted murder of his infant daughter. The child’s grandmother heard crying at 7:30 p.m. on July 1 and walked in on Taylor while he was standing over the child. He was pressing the child’s head into the bed, appearing to suffocate her. She screamed at him, and he stopped but “appeared unfazed.” He initially claimed he was placing a blanket over the child, but later admitted he was trying to get her to stop crying. He stated he was “not using his full body weight because that would probably snap her neck.” Taylor is jailed in lieu of a $175,000 bond.

James Battle breaks sister’s glasses after slapping them off her face, per report

19-year-old James Battle was jailed on March 27th for allegedly smacking his little sister in the face after she asked him to pick his clothes up. Police responded to Chesapeake circle where they spoke to Battle’s sister who is a minor. The victim said that she had asked Battle to pick up his clothes and he got upset saying that they weren’t his. Battle then stepped into her personal space and started cussing her out, so she pushed him back to create space. Battle slapped his little sister so hard in the face he broke her glasses. When police questioned battle, he told them that those clothes were not his and that his sister didn’t put his laundry in a bag as he asked. He also stated that he was close to his sister but he didn’t touch her he only pushed her away as he leaned over her.