Man transports friend who shot himself in downtown Nashville on bird scooter to hotel, hides gun — Corey Oakes arrested

25-year-old tourist Corey Oakes, from Kentucky, is charged with tampering with evidence and public intoxication after he carried his friend, who shot himself in the leg in downtown Nashville while drinking, on a bird scooter back to the Cambria hotel and parked him at the entrance while he returned to their room upstairs to hide the gun. When police responded to the shooting call at the hotel they located the victim and Oakes, who was extremely intoxicated, and admitted his friend “may have possibly shot himself” and admitted to returning the gun to their room. Oakes is free on pre-trial release.

Dejuan Bell gunned down Quincy Brown, who was riding on a Bird Scooter with a friend

Quincy Brown & Calais Hill were riding a bird scooter together when Dejuan Bell opened fire on them after an argument in East Nashville. Quincy Brown died from a gunshot wound to his head. Hill escaped without injuries. Dejuan Bell is charged with 1 count homicide, & 1 count attempted homicide.

Drunk Nashville man finds out Bird scooter doesn’t fly

On what would be his 105th Public Intoxication arrest in Nashville, Charles “Charlie” Drew (46), was found at the intersection of 1st Ave S & Korean Veterans Blvd, taking his anger out on a Bird Scooter. At 9:31 PM, Charlie Drew was observed throwing a Bird scooter against the pavement multiple times while screaming at it. While doing so, people were avoiding the public sidewalk, and it was determined he was causing an annoyance to the public at large by officers. According to the police report, Drew had slurred speech,…