Drunk Nashville man finds out Bird scooter doesn’t fly

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On what would be his 105th Public Intoxication arrest in Nashville, Charles “Charlie” Drew (46), was found at the intersection of 1st Ave S & Korean Veterans Blvd, taking his anger out on a Bird Scooter.

At 9:31 PM, Charlie Drew was observed throwing a Bird scooter against the pavement multiple times while screaming at it. While doing so, people were avoiding the public sidewalk, and it was determined he was causing an annoyance to the public at large by officers.

According to the police report, Drew had slurred speech, red blood-shot eyes, swayed balance, and the smell of alcohol was coming from his breath. He was deemed a danger to himself and others (and Birds), and was placed into custody and transported to booking.

Drew was charged with public intox, and he was allowed to sleep it off in the intake pod. His charges had already been dismissed at 5 AM, and was was waiting to be released, so he can presumably get a head start on that Public Intox arrest #106.

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