Joiunyque Maynard strangles mother during argument over phone bill

23-year-old Joiunyque Maynard was involved in a domestic altercation with her godmother and roommate, Sunnie Reed, at their residence on June 8th. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Maynard, who stated that she was walking to the pool when Reed called her and asked her about the phone bill. After this, she went back to the residence, which is where the verbal argument started. During the argument, Maynard’s biological mother, Tranika Smith, arrived at the residence. Maynard admitted to officers that during the argument, she shoved Reed in the neck but was pushed away. Maynard admitted after being pushed away, she choked her mother, Tranika Smith, with both of her hands until Reed pulled her off. Maynard then proceeded to throw things outside as she was leaving the residence. Officers then spoke with Reed and Smith, who corroborated Maynard’s statements. Smith also informed officers that her blood flow felt restricted during the choking. When officers went to place Maynard into custody, she attempted to attack Smith again and resisted officers. Maynard was taken into custody for domestic assault, resisting arrest, and aggravated assault.

Garrett Ingram goes full Mike Tyson on baby-mama’s ear during argument

22-year-old Garrett Ingram was involved in a domestic incident with May Street, his child’s mother, at a Lebanon Pike apartment residence on May 24th. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Street, who stated that Ingram and she had been having ongoing issues for days. Street tells officers that they have been arguing that morning and that she finally told Ingram to leave. Ingram then proceeded to ask Street for his jacket, which she did not have. Ingram then searched Street’s belongings, and she pushed him to get him to stop searching in her bags. Steet told officers that Ingram shoved her, making her fall onto the mattress that was on the floor before he got on top of her and bit her ear. Refusing to get off of her ear, Street’s siblings came to attempt to pull Ingram off. Street then hit him in the face, and he finally let go of her ear. Officers observed a cut on Street’s ear before speaking with a witness who said they saw Ingram push Street and bite her ear. A warrant was issued, and Ingram was taken into custody for domestic assault on May 25th.

Shu-Jen Williams whips woman with extension cord

24-year-old Shu-Jen Williams and Dayjohnica Johnson had an incident with Jameshia Taylor at Extended Stay America on Elm Hill Pike in the afternoon of May 4th. A resident called 911, stating they could hear yelling coming from upstairs. When officers arrived, they spoke with the complainant, who said he heard three voices yelling from Taylor’s room, which sounded like a “physical altercation occurring,” adding that one of them screamed for help, saying, “I can’t breathe.” Then, they spoke with Taylor, who explained that she had fought with Johnson, during which she instructed Williams to help “jump” her. She said that while she was on the ground, Williams walked over and started kicking her repeatedly. Taylor advised that Johnson told Williams to get the extension cord, which she did, and then she started “whipping” her with it. According to Taylor, the two women continued attacking her until a female maintenance worker stopped by to check on them due to the yelling. Officers noticed that Taylor had swelling to the left side of her face, redness around her left eye, and whip marks on her arms, shoulders, and back. Her shirt was ripped and appeared to be wet as she was transported to Summit Hospital. Williams was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Tamaria Williams steals numerous hair products from sister’s home

19-year-old Tamaria Williams had a domestic incident with her sister, Kayla Gains, at her Charles E Davis Boulevard residence on April 19th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Gains, who stated she and Williams had been having ongoing issues and that she had been away from her home for a few nights. Gains added that her brother, Joshua Avery, and grandmother, Karen Avery, watched her child while she was gone. Gains said when she returned home, they advised her that Williams had come over the day before around 6:00 p.m. and had taken a few items. Officers spoke with Joshua, who told them he saw Williams taking Gains’s belongings. Joshua stated he confronted Williams about taking his sister’s things, to which she replied, “Well, she took some of my stuff from me.” Williams then left the residence with a white bag containing the stolen items. Officers talked with Karen via phone, and she told them she had observed Williams taking items from the living room while saying, “This is mine,” and, “She stole this.” Karen said Williams left with a large plastic bag full of hair products and Bath and Body Works items. Then, a warrant was issued for Williams’ arrest. Williams was taken into custody for aggravated burglary on May 1st.

Lajames Shannon caught trespassing, starting fire in under-construction house

38-year-old Lajames Shannon was booked on the citation of criminal trespassing on February 8th. On January 9th, officers responded to Cannon Street regarding individuals starting a fire inside a residence that was under construction. When officers arrived, Shannon was with one other person and told officers that he was homeless and cold. Shannon noted that this was why he was in the house without permission. Nashville Fire responded to the scene and extinguished the fire that Shannon had started in the house. After Shannon provided officers with his social security number, he was cited for the incident. Shannon was booked for on the citation on February 15th.

Joshua Harris puts girlfriend in chokehold during argument over dishes

25-year-old Joshua Harris was jailed on April 16th for punching his girlfriend in the head after a fight over the dishes in their home on Mona Drive. Police spoke with Tabitha Taylor, who said that she and her boyfriend, who is also the father of their children, got into an argument about the dishes. It escalated when Harris punched her in the head and put her in a chokehold for about 10 seconds. She was able to push him off and ran to the bathroom to get away from him. Harris followed Taylor to the bathroom, screaming at her, and pushed her into the bathtub. Taylor hit her head on the faucet and cut her finger, which police observed along with the bathroom in disarray. Harris had already fled the scene when police arrived.

Cody Tate used heroin before fleeing from police

29-year-old Cody Tate faces multiple charges after leading police on a chase on Murfreesboro Pike on Valentine’s Day. Officers attempted a traffic stop after observing a stolen plate on the car driven by Tate. Tate failed to stop and made a reckless u-turn, and fled in his Hyundai Elandra, which he crashed a short distance away. He fled on foot to a nearby room at 985 Murfreesboro Pike, where he was captured. Tate stated he used heroin an hour before the incident and fled because he believed he had outstanding warrants.

DUI: Nathaniel Rico found asleep behind the wheel of his Scion in the middle of the road

Police found 26-year-old Nathaniel Cole Rico asleep behind the wheel of his silver Scion in the early hours of Sunday morning at the intersection of McGavock Pike and Pennington Centre Blvd. Officers arrived and attempted to wake Rico, who initially refused. Eventually, he exited the vehicle, revealing a strong smell of alcohol coming from him. He admitted to drinking “3 or 4 beers” at a bar prior to driving and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. He was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Bachelorettes: 0; Nashville: 1. Karly Pustka arrested after assaulting the bride-to-be

On Sunday, 25-year-old Karly Pustka opined on her Instagram account: “Nashville can’t handle the Texans 🤠🎉 #nashvillebachelorettee” with a photo of her friends in Nashville — it would turn out that the Texans couldn’t handle Nashville. In the early hours of Monday morning, Metro Nashville Police responded to a domestic disturbance call at Club Wyndham Nashville on McGavock Pike. The bride-to-be, Madison Pustka, told police her cousin, Karly Pustka, lunged at her while scratching at her neck. Madison says she was just attempting to check on Karly, who had locked herself in the bathroom of the hotel room after getting extremely intoxicated. Madison and another person were able to get past the locked door, which angered Karly, who says she acted in self-defense. Karly was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

Billy Prine found drunk on kitchen floor amid broken glass plates, charged with assault of woman

Police responded to a residence on Lake Chateau Drive late Sunday night, where they found “broken glass everywhere” and 68-year-old William ‘Billy’ Prine, the bother of the late John Prine, sitting on the kitchen floor “extremely intoxicated”. He told officers he was just throwing glass plates and fell down. A woman at the residence, Lisa Finkel, said he was throwing the plates in her direction, and she was in fear of being struck with the glass plates. Billy Prine was charged with assault, and transported to booking.