Gage Henry jailed after fighting with bouncers & fleeing from police in downtown Nashville

23-year-old Georgia man Gage Henry was at the Nashville Underground in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning when he attempted to exit the venue with a food tray. When security confronted him about leaving with their property, he began to fight them and refused to return the tray. He fled on Broadway toward Kid Rock’s Bar, where he was detained by Metro Nashville Police. Gage then slipped the grasp of officers and fled to 4th & Demonbruen before being apprehended by officers. He admitted to punching the bouncer and fleeing from the scene. 

Tourist Anthony Marcino stumbles out of downtown bar and lands on sidewalk, too drunk to stand

Anthony Marcino FEAT

21-year-old Anthony Marcino was jailed on May 20th after stumbling out of the Nashville Underground bar on Broadway and falling into a crowd of people. He fell backward, hit his head on the ground, and was laid out for a long period of time. Police went over to check on him, and he wasn’t able to speak clearly. Police couldn’t find Marcino’s friends to care for him, so they gave him some time to call an Uber to take him to where he was staying, but Marcino couldn’t figure out how to use his phone. He was taken into custody as he was a danger to himself if left alone in downtown Nashville.

Drunk National Guard Recruiter Taylor Stoeckman threatens to kill Nashville Police Officer — Pretrial Release

28-year-old Former Marine turned National Guard Recruiter Taylor Stoeckman was jailed late Monday night after security at Nashville Underground on Broadway in downtown Nashville had to take him to the ground and hold him there until police arrived. Stoeckman was reportedly extremely intoxicated, which resulted in him being denied entry to the venue. Despite his continued shouting and unruly behavior, and complaints of not being able to see, he refused medical treatment. Officers then attempted to call his friends to come and get him, but Stoeckman was unable to unlock his phone. Officers asked him to sit down while they attempted other methods to contact his friends, but he became even more unruly. He was then advised he was being taken into custody, at which time he assumed a fighting stance and used his body to prevent from being placed into the patrol car. He then threatened to strangle the arrested officer to death, and once at booking, he continued to resist going into the building.

Los Angeles man deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville — Michael Anderer arrested

48-year-old Michael Anderer was jailed in Nashville early Saturday morning after being kicked out of the Nashville Underground on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Venue security says he caused a disturbance inside and refused to leave the property. Metro Nashville police arrived on scene and took him into custody due to his extreme level of intoxication and inability to care for himself.

Alexander Cresanta charged with public intoxication outside of Nashville Underground after starting fights

Metro Nashville Police encountered 30-year-old Alexander Cresanta outside Nashville Underground in downtown Nashville heavily intoxicated and threatening to harm Joshua Townsend. Police asked Cresanta to move along, however, he continued to make threats and display increasing intoxication, so he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Jordan Jackson charged with destroying TV panel at Nashville Underground during struggle

21-year-old Jordan Jackson was told he had to leave the Nashville Underground early Sunday morning for being aggressive and hostile due to his level of intoxication. Security Supervisor Steven Derner and Officer Charles Powell confronted Jackson when he “shoulder checked” Powell. As he attempted to restrain Jackson a scuffle ensued and Jackson Powell into a large TV panel, destroying it. The damage is estimated to be between $3-5,000.

Patron punches Nashville Underground bouncer “square in the face” — Timothy Basford

36-year-old Tim Basford was kicked out of Nashville Underground, and as security officer Joshua Siragusa was escorting him out of the venue and onto the sidewalk, Basford turned and punched Siragusa “square in the face” with his fist. Police responded to the scene, and the victim wanted to press charges. As Basford was too intoxicated to receive a citation, he was taken into custody for both the assault and public intoxication.

Too drunk for Broadway: Collierville man causes scene at Nashville Underground — Thomas Mathews

24-year-old Thomas Mathews was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail early Sunday morning after police observed him exiting Nashville Underground at 105 Broadway, and pushing both patrons and staff, being unsteady on his feet and causing a disturbance. While no one wanted to prosecute for the assaults, he was too intoxicated to care for himself. Officers transported him to booking, and he was charged with public intoxication.

Metro issues citations to Kid Rock’s Bar +13 other businesses for violating COVID-19 health orders

The Metro Nashville Health Department has cited Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk Bar and 13 additional businesses for being out of compliance with emergency Health Department Orders. Dr. Caldwell visited Kid Rock’s after receiving a complaint about the bar on Friday night. The citation was issued last night and a decision on the amount of the fine will be made during the court appearance.

Nashville Underground sued; bouncer charged after attacking black couple, body-slammed female, left both bleeding

Bouncer Jordan Frye stopped the elevator doors and got into the elevator with the patrons. Once inside the elevator, Frye is charged with punching the black male patron in the face, then grabbing the black female, and body slamming her onto the floor of the elevator. Frye then picked up the male from behind, and placed him in a headlock.