Musician Logan Millwood partied too hard at CMA Fest in Nashville

22-year-old Nashville musician Logan Millwood played on the AMP Stage during CMA Fest this weekend as he seemed to be having the time of his life – until police found him at the corner of 4th & Demonbreun in the early hours of Sunday morning. Police say he was vomiting and then staggering along the roadway while attempting to get into several cars. He was visibly intoxicated and unable to care for himself. Officers took him into custody and charged him with public intoxication.

Charles Trimm charged in assault of Dorrie Phillips in downtown Nashville

42-year-old Charles Trimm was charged with domestic assault this month after police say he grabbed Dorrie Phillips by the back of the neck and the top of her chest in downtown Nashville. Responding officers were able to view video of the assault from the J.W. Marriott security cameras. The victim was transported to the hospital after she had a panic attack after the assault, and Trimm was taken into custody.

Jack McCloski takes meth & runs naked downtown to “protest drug dealers”

Metro Nashville Police observed 22-year-old Jack McCloski running naked through the parking lot of McDonald’s on Broadway in downtown Nashville in the early morning daylight hours of Saturday morning. They caught up with him behind the 7-Eleven, still naked. McCloski explained to officers he was “protesting drug dealers in the area” as the reason he was nude. He refused all medical treatment from EMS, and admitted to taking a “white powder” earlier in the morning, which he believed to be meth.

Patron punches Nashville Underground bouncer “square in the face” — Timothy Basford

36-year-old Tim Basford was kicked out of Nashville Underground, and as security officer Joshua Siragusa was escorting him out of the venue and onto the sidewalk, Basford turned and punched Siragusa “square in the face” with his fist. Police responded to the scene, and the victim wanted to press charges. As Basford was too intoxicated to receive a citation, he was taken into custody for both the assault and public intoxication.

Man to police: “The only way I’m leaving is if you take me to jail” — Cody Leonard, arrested.

21-year-old Cody Leonard got into an argument downtown when someone called his brother a derogatory term. Police got everyone to calm down and agree to go their separate ways, except Cody. Cody stated: “The only way I’m leaving is if you take me to jail”. Officers obliged, and booked him on a charge of public intoxication.

Man charged after 2-hour standoff at Archives building, SWAT and K9 deployed to assist

31-year-old Cory Bold was charged with aggravated criminal trespassing when SWAT and K9 teams were deployed to remove him from a construction site. The event lasted 2 hours and Cory told police he was just using a portable toilet and taking a nap.

Man fights over wrong Uber

29-year-old Aaron Hyman was charged with public intoxication after getting into a fight over an Uber on Broadway.

Man found talking to wall in parking garage charged with public intoxication

22-year-old Jacob Flannery was charged with public intoxication after police found him in the SP Parking Garage with no idea where he was going.

Nashville Police charge man with felony for burning tiniest amount of weed he was smoking

While Nashville neighbors waited over 6 hours for a police response Saturday night, #MNPD Officer Daniel Russett noticed a man smoking marijuana downtown, yelled “Stop, drop what you got” and then charged him with a felony when he lit the tiny amount of weed on fire and burned it before the officer could reach him.

20-year-old kicked out of Piranha’s Bar returns with gun to pistol whip & threaten victims

Martin Yosry Eskander (Abdalla), 20, is free on a $68,000 bond after police say he was kicked out of Piranha’s Bar, only to return with a firearm, pistol whip a victim, and threaten to shoot others as he yet again returned to the location in a vehicle.