Kelly Chieng arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest during protest at Opry Mills

33-year-old Kelly Chieng was one of multiple individuals taken into custody after a protest at Opry Mills Mall on December 23rd. Opry Mills Mall personnel and authorities were notified about a planned protest on private property weeks before it occurred. On December 18th, Jad Murphy, an agent for the property, called the protest organizer, Ayesha Kahn, to inform her to stay away, stating he did not consent to a protest. On December 23rd, Kahn and others from her group entered the Mall, refusing to speak with Murphy as he asked them to leave the property. Then, he reapproached the group with officers to ask them to leave; Kahn initially refused, stepped outside, and began organizing a group of protesters on the scene. Officers requested that the protesters get in their vehicles and leave the premises. They told them that failing to leave would result in trespassing, but Kahn and her group, including Chieng, failed to leave and were detained. Chieng ignored commands and actively resisted until being placed into custody for criminal trespassing and resisting arrest.

Elderly protestor Michelle Flynn carried out after outburst at State Capitol Thursday

69-year-old Michelle Flynn was jailed on April 20th after refusing to leave the State Capitol after being disruptive and telling police she would have to be carried out. State troopers responded to the second floor of the Tennessee State Capitol in reference to someone disrupting the Tennessee House of Representatives official session. Flynn was sitting on one of the balconies that looked over house members during their sessions. The rules to be on the balcony are that no one may shout, yell, scream, or disturb the meetings that are in progress. Flynn started to shout and was asked to stop, but she continued and was asked to stop again. The speaker of the house demanded she be removed. As troopers escorted her to the main floor, she refused to leave the building. Flynn was advised that she would be arrested if she did not leave. She continued her refusal and was placed in handcuffs. Once she was handcuffed, she refused to walk and was told multiple times by troopers that she needed to walk with them, to which she replied that she would not walk and would have to be carried out.

Protester Georganne Parr jailed after interrupting House Session at Capitol

55-year-old Georganne Parr was jailed late Monday night after protesting at the State Capitol building. THP Troopers say the House of Representatives had an active session when the crowd became disorderly by shouting and screaming. Parr was asked to leave the chamber and refused to do so. Trooper Pollard grabbed her arm to escort her from the chamber, and she pulled away and reportedly pushed him. Trooper Campbell stepped in to help when she pulled away, rolled over, and ignored all commands. During a struggle, she reportedly struck Trooper Campbell in the leg. She was non-compliant with being detained and had to be carried down two flights of stairs.

Jack McCloski takes meth & runs naked downtown to “protest drug dealers”

Metro Nashville Police observed 22-year-old Jack McCloski running naked through the parking lot of McDonald’s on Broadway in downtown Nashville in the early morning daylight hours of Saturday morning. They caught up with him behind the 7-Eleven, still naked. McCloski explained to officers he was “protesting drug dealers in the area” as the reason he was nude. He refused all medical treatment from EMS, and admitted to taking a “white powder” earlier in the morning, which he believed to be meth.

Bevelyn Williams & At The Well Ministries crew arrested at Planned Parenthood in Nashville

Three protestors were taken into custody at Nashville’s Planned Parenthood location Thursday during a protest. 41-year-old Edmee Chavannes demanded to be let inside the private building so she could “preach the gospel to the staff!” She told officers she planned on telling the staff they were murderers and preaching to them. 31-year-old Bevelyn Williams was beating on the door, yelling to be let inside. 33-year-old Rickey Nelson Williams, who was armed with a 9mm pistol, told police there were people inside murdering babies and refused to leave. He explained his group had been at the Mt. Juliet location earlier and were escorted away from that property before arriving here.

‘Brother Jones’ says he wasn’t violent, but new video shows he was – and the Grand Jury agrees

Protestor Justin Jones (“Brother Jones”) was given two weeks to turn himself in on a Grand Jury Indictment, which charges him with two counts of reckless endangerment after he is seen on video repeatedly pushing a traffic cone into the cab of a vehicle, striking the person inside, and causing a danger to both the driver and the nearby public.

Jones claims this is a ‘false narrative’, and says he wasn’t violent. Here’s the video.

Topless woman disturbs protest on 2nd Avenue

54-year-old Lynetta Stewart was charged with indecent exposure after screaming obscenities and throwing cigarettes at protesters while completely topless.

Protester mugshots: majority free on pre-trial release, little or no bond, or ROR

27 individuals were arrested Saturday night related to the protest in Nashville. 1 was a juvenile, and the mugshots of the other 26 are included below. 9 were listed as homeless, 3 were listed as ‘out of state’ – though at least one was a local resident that was home from college. Only 1 required a traditional bond, all others were freed on pre-trial release (PTR), ROR, or a small cash bond posted by the Community Bail Fund on their behalf. Only 1 remains jailed, awaiting additional charges.

22 CoreCivic protest arrests: No prosecutions by D.A., despite Police Chief’s demand for consequences

Metro Police arrested 22 people during a CoreCivic protest in August, and Police Chief Anderson demanded “corresponding and commensurate consequences” in an unusually heated statement about the incident. The District Attorney’s Office has now decided NONE of the cases will be prosecuted, and can now be expunged, despite the Chief’s wishes.

20 Arrested At CoreCivic Protest; Police Chief ‘BIG MAD’ in Statement [UPDATED]

MNPD not happy in statement, says ‘Officers spent 4 hours in extreme heat, 95 degrees with a heat index of 102, meticulously and methodically removing 10 protesters, who had encased their chains in steel and concrete’