Protester mugshots: majority free on pre-trial release, little or no bond, or ROR

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27 individuals were arrested Saturday night related to the protest in Nashville. 1 was a juvenile, and the mugshots of the other 26 are included below. 9 were listed as homeless, 3 were listed as ‘out of state’ – though at least one was a local resident that was home from college. Only 1 required a traditional bond, all others were freed on pre-trial release (PTR), ROR, or a small cash bond posted by the Community Bail Fund on their behalf. Only 1 remains jailed, awaiting additional charges.

There was one additional arrest reported by MNPD initially that does not appear to have been booked into custody. That person was listed as Jalmialla Toraine, a black female, age 28, from Antioch. She was initially reported as a disorderly conduct arrest at 3rd & Broadway but was not included in later booking reports.

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