22 CoreCivic protest arrests: No prosecutions by D.A., despite Police Chief’s demand for consequences

Metro Police arrested 22 people during a CoreCivic protest in August, and Police Chief Anderson demanded “corresponding and commensurate consequences” in an unusually heated statement about the incident. The District Attorney’s Office has now decided NONE of the cases will be prosecuted, and can now be expunged, despite the Chief’s wishes.

What’s a 3rd Shift MNPD Officer Do All Night? Snapchat Women & Complain of Boredom.

One of MNPD’s new officers, sworn to ‘protect and serve’ spent dozens of hours during a recent overnight rotation, serving his personal interests, of posting to social media about how boring his MNPD job was, how he couldn’t stay awake, and finding women to snapchat him while he patrolled Midtown.

Editorial: Why Chief Anderson’s private apology isn’t enough

Who will step up and take responsibility? Mayor Briley is pretending it never happened, and Police Chief Steve Anderson is privately apologizing to the richest LGBT business owner in the city, instead of the community or the actual victim.

Nashville, we MUST #DoBetter, it’s time.

MNPD Chief Anderson Weighs In on STRP Vote to City Council Members: His Officers Aren’t Babysitters

Late Friday afternoon, MNPD Chief Steve Anderson sent the email below to every member of the Nashville Metro Council, in regards to the current STRP debate and the upcoming votes in the council. We were rather fond of this reminder from the Chief – reminding folks (Like Brett Withers) that they can’t call the police because someone has a blow up doll in the window of their AirBNB: “It is often assumed that police officers have the authority to order persons to comply with the law or with good behavior. …