Remembering Paige Turner – Nashville drag queen dead at 33

Paige Turner / Darrell Myers

Nashville drag legend Paige Turner (Darrell Myers) died on July 4th, 2020, at age 33. Paige was in and out of the local spotlight for years and graced almost every stage at some point in her career, even appearing in Nashville’s fashion model circuit and a Robin Williams movie. She also appeared in the pages of Scoop a few times, and despite hating the coverage, she often disclosed how much it helped her personal growth in some areas of life. There’s one thing for certain – once you met her, you never forgot her.

Editorial: Why Chief Anderson’s private apology isn’t enough

Who will step up and take responsibility? Mayor Briley is pretending it never happened, and Police Chief Steve Anderson is privately apologizing to the richest LGBT business owner in the city, instead of the community or the actual victim.

Nashville, we MUST #DoBetter, it’s time.

ENN’s 7 Best Voicemails of 2017

This is historically the slowest news week every year, so let’s look back at 2017. We get a LOT of voicemail on the tip line (615-669-TIPS). Most are actual tips or backstory about things we have published, or story ideas/tips. However there are a large number of death threats, angry reactions, and just people screaming at us. In 20017 we received over 70 such voicemails, that were basically threats, hate, or just humorous. In honor of the end of the 2017 year, we give you the 7 Best voicemails we’ve…

East Nashville’s Taylor Anne Chew Says You Can’t be an Indian for Halloween… or Wear That ‘fun sexy costume’

As Halloween is nearing, we are choosing costumes and preparing for a night of fun. But before you go out, you should verify that your costume doesn’t offend anyone – at least that’s what East Nashville’s Taylor Anne Chew says. Chew, who owns ‘Cheeky Designs‘ (a local unlicensed business, from all appearances) went on a social media rant earlier this week, about how people are not allowed to dress up as an “Indian”, “native american”, “Pocahontas”, or “any other variation on this very real race of living human beings”. We’re…

Wolfmilk: Nashville’s Most Unoriginal Clothing Wanna-Be Company

Nashvillian Ashley Wolfe has a dream. A Dream of starting her own clothing brand, a line of goods with her own conceptual brand ‘Wolfmilk’. Over the years she’s dabbled in various tee shirt designs and online storefronts and even got her shop setup on her own domain. The problem? It’s not original. She‘s copying & pasting clip-art from the internet onto t-shirts, and selling them for $28+. The clip-art is either freely available on royalty free sites, and some is even original private works that were used without royalties or…

Councilman Brett Withers Gets Bitchy Over Boobs

Oh Brett Withers, you never cease to amaze embarrass us. It was bound to happen at some point. An openly gay man in East Nashville was bound to eventually snap over fake boobs. No one expected they would be attached to a blow-up sex doll, though. That’s exactly what happened on Friday. You would think a councilman charged with a DUI, who has a life partner that was charged with growing marijuana with 1,000 ft of a school, would be just a little more laid back and chill about a…