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Oh Brett Withers, you never cease to amaze embarrass us. It was bound to happen at some point. An openly gay man in East Nashville was bound to eventually snap over fake boobs. No one expected they would be attached to a blow-up sex doll, though. That’s exactly what happened on Friday. You would think a councilman charged with a DUI, who has a life partner that was charged with growing marijuana with 1,000 ft of a school, would be just a little more laid back and chill about a set of fake boobs in a window.

But such was not the case. Brett got bitchy. In fact, he lashed out on social media with an open letter to whomever was responsible, with threats of getting codes involved, and holding it against their STRP permit, and more – all because there was a plastic doll in the window. Even though Brett is an openly gay man, perhaps he never had a barbie as a child. A naked Barbie doll has many more noticeable ‘features’ that this inflatable doll. Here’s what Brett penned to Facebook late Friday evening:

I apologize if this post offends anyone.

So I noticed something at the “Brotel” at 8th/Main while driving home from work today and had to stop the car. I will definitely be filing a complaint with Codes and this stunt needs to count as a strike against the STR permit. I know that the, um, “Ladies of AirBnB” get a bad rap, but the Dudes can get pretty gross, too.

I realize that this town home complex is in mixed-use zoning, not residential zoning, but it is still an entryway to the Maxwell Heights neighborhood and to Meigs school. Really?

This is a sure-fire way to get on the Councilman’s ****list….

The Councilman’s SHITlist? Is that something we should be afraid of? As one of your constituents, I assumed you were just a dick to us all, and looking out for yourself, but if there’s a special list we can get on for extra dickiness, please, sign me up for that too.

Withers included this image in his post:

Some of the better responses:

Brett A. Withers “Can they keep it behind closed doors, or at least closed blinds?”

Brad Lewis “Her body her choice. Let’s not blow this out of proportion. ” 

Wodora Stapp “This is hilarious and people need to lighten up.. if a blow up doll offends you then you might need to do some soul searching lol”

Withers took to his twitter to post a toned down version:


Since Brett mentioned getting codes involved, we did a little digging ourselves, and found some of Brett’s own code violations in the past:




On a much more serious note, while looking into the permits and violations for the Councilman’s property, we found an outright lie on his building permit application.





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