Montgomery Co. Mayor says ‘Coronavirus is a strain of the flu’; downplays concerns for Clarksville

Montgomery County Tennessee Mayor Jim Durrett recently told his constituents that COVID-19 was just a strain of the flu, suggesting the “-19” designation meant this was our 19th time experiencing this, and overall downplaying the impact of the virus, noting that most deaths were in nursing homes. Montgomery County has 6 confirmed Cases of Coronavirus, as of Tuesday.

‘Cultural Incompetence’ – says Mayoral Candidate about Mayor Briley’s decision to remove cherry blossom trees for NFL Draft

State Representative John Ray Clemmons, who is Running to be the next Mayor of Nashville, said Saturday the decision by Mayor Briley’s administration to allow the removal and destruction of over 21 cherry blossom trees to accommodate the NFL Draft event in downtown Nashville displayed ‘cultural incompetence.’

Metro Responds to Information Breach Discovered by Scoop: Nashville; Will Provide Credit Protection

“I want to make sure everyone understands that we are taking this very seriously, and we will take all appropriate steps to protect those residents whose personal information was made vulnerable.”
-Mayor David Briley.

Austin, TX confirms Vice-Mayoral candidate Matt Delrossi is WANTED on 2 criminal warrants.

In the race for Nashville’s new vice-mayor, one candidate stands out. He’s running for office while out on bond after an order of protection violation arrest. He’s the only candidate with mugshots. Meet Matthew Delrossi.

Nashville Vice-Mayoral Candidate is Running for Office While Out on Bond

In the race for Nashville’s new vice-mayor, one candidate stands out. He’s running for office while out on bond after an order of protection violation arrest. He’s the only candidate with mugshots. Meet Matthew Delrossi.

Jon Sewell reflects on Nashville’s Mayoral race with a Limerick

He was the Mayor we all deserved. He was pro-marijuana, legalization of drugs and prostitution (it’s your body, and we can use the tax income on both businesses, right?). He wanted to house the homeless, use art work for traffic calming strategies, no more corporate welfare, more money for small businesses, and even have a max wage cap for CEO’s based on how much they paid their employees. It was a grand dream. And all but 92 of you fucked it up. So now all you get is this limerick…

Mayor David Briley Proclaims Friday, April 27 Preds Pride Day

Mayor David Briley has proclaimed Friday, April 27 Preds Pride Day in celebration of the opening game of the Nashville Predators’ Stanley Cup second-round series against the Winnipeg Jets and, confident in his odds, has made a bet with Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman. “Under the agreement, the losing mayor – Mayor Bowman – will turn over full control of his mayoral Twitter account to the victorious Mayor for one hour, and I look forward to reaching out to the good people of Winnipeg in this manner,” – Mayor Briley. Mayor…

Mayor Barry’s lover made 197% of his base salary in 2017

The official 2017 Earnings for Metro Employees data was released today, here are the final numbers for Mayor Megan Barry‘s love interest, Robert Forrest, Jr. He made 197% of his metro salary in 2017 – nearly double! The fiscally responsible city would have simply added a detail member to work those overtime hours at regular pay, saving the city tens of thousands of dollars a year, instead of letting 1 person work all those Overtime hours, because he is the lover of the mayor.

Metro Councilwoman Sponsoring Ban on Rope Lights Was Sued By Her Own Neighborhood Association & More

Nashville – why is the councilperson who can’t follow her own homeowner’s association rules wanting to tell the rest of Nashville they can’t have rope lights in their own windows? Meet Tanaka Vercher. There’s a bill that will be up for third & final reading tonight at the Metro Council that -almost- went by unnoticed. Thanks to WSMV for highlight this ordinance that would ban ‘rope lights’ on nearly every business in Nashville. The bill is sponsored by Metro Councilwoman Tanaka Vercher. Why would Vercher try to sponsor an ordinance…

East Nashville Socialite Susan Siegel Arrested for Worthless Check for Woo Cosmetics & Previously Theft

East Nashville socialite Susan Siegel, age 68, was arrested on Wednesday for ‘Worthless Check- ($501 – $1,000) TCA 39-14-121*8’. On June 21st, Siegel visited Woo Skin Care & Cosmetics and paid for $686.09 worth of merchandise with check #117 drawn on a Morgan Stanley Smith Barney bank account. Her identity was verified via drivers license / photo ID. The check was returned as ‘account closed’, and a certified letter was mailed to Susan Siegel, requesting payment. Despite multiple phone calls and responses stating her account had been ‘hacked’, she failed…