Hot Mic: Council & Vice Mayor discuss ‘damage control’: “what Sharon is asking, is the damage control in preparation of Tuesday?”

CM Hurt: I get that, but I’m saying in terms of us trying to.. damage control, knowing that this has come out, what kind of damage control are we going to exercise in this, and how do we move forward as we move on to the next phase.

Metro Councilwoman Sponsoring Ban on Rope Lights Was Sued By Her Own Neighborhood Association & More

Nashville – why is the councilperson who can’t follow her own homeowner’s association rules wanting to tell the rest of Nashville they can’t have rope lights in their own windows? Meet Tanaka Vercher. There’s a bill that will be up for third & final reading tonight at the Metro Council that -almost- went by unnoticed. Thanks to WSMV for highlight this ordinance that would ban ‘rope lights’ on nearly every business in Nashville. The bill is sponsored by Metro Councilwoman Tanaka Vercher. Why would Vercher try to sponsor an ordinance…