Metro Responds to Information Breach Discovered by Scoop: Nashville; Will Provide Credit Protection

“I want to make sure everyone understands that we are taking this very seriously, and we will take all appropriate steps to protect those residents whose personal information was made vulnerable.”
-Mayor David Briley.

Metro Public Works Operator Charged with DUI & Heroin Hours Before a Court Date for Drug Charges – Marty Ragland

Marty Ragland(Jr.) has a heroin problem. And a theft/shoplifting problem. And a Driving while intoxicated problem. And an assaulting other humans problem. Marty Ragland also works as a Nashville Metro Government Employee. He works in the Public Works department – as an equipment operator (driving & operating heavy things), where his father also happens to be a District Supervisor, in the Public Works department. So, why doesn’t Metro have a problem? Just before 3AM on this past Wednesday, 01/17/18, just hours before he was scheduled to appear in court in…