Jada Lucas booked after stealing costumes from the Spirit Halloween store

19-year-old Jada Lucas was booked this week on a citation from Oct 2022 after stealing from The Spirit Halloween store at Opry Mills Mall. Police spoke with the store manager Rebekah Westerlund who said she saw Lucas take two costumes from their packaging and hide them in her handbag. Lucas then left the store without paying. When the store manager confronted Lucas about the items, she removed them from her bag.

Married At First Sight star Matthew Gwynne jailed after breaking into ex-girlfriend’s Nashville home

34-year-old Matthew Gwynne, former pro basketball player and Married at First Sight star, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail as he arrived at a party at a downtown bar Sunday night, as other partygoers were aware of his outstanding warrant for an incident earlier in the weekend. Court records show he was with his “on-again/off-again” girlfriend at a party and after an argument said he was going back to her place, to which she said no. He returned to her home despite her wishes, breaking thru the door from the frame. He is charged with felony domestic vandalism and is free on a $2,500 bond.

DUI: 21-year-old crashes after 2 Truly drinks & 4 tequila shots at Halloween Pary — Seth Cann

21-year-old Seth Cann is charged with DUI after leaving a Halloween party and crashing his car. When asked for his insurance, he provided a Valvoline service card. Cann admitted to having two Truly drinks, and 3-4 tequila shots before driving. After urinating on himself in the breathalyzer room at booking, he is free on pre-trial release.

Big sister jailed after punching child, tells police she can’t control her feelings after watching Halloween

feat Moore, Haley

20-year-old Haley Moore was charged with domestic assault after admitting to police that she punched her sister in the shoulder because she was angry after watching Halloween and feels her medication is no longer effective.

East Nashville’s Taylor Anne Chew Says You Can’t be an Indian for Halloween… or Wear That ‘fun sexy costume’

As Halloween is nearing, we are choosing costumes and preparing for a night of fun. But before you go out, you should verify that your costume doesn’t offend anyone – at least that’s what East Nashville’s Taylor Anne Chew says. Chew, who owns ‘Cheeky Designs‘ (a local unlicensed business, from all appearances) went on a social media rant earlier this week, about how people are not allowed to dress up as an “Indian”, “native american”, “Pocahontas”, or “any other variation on this very real race of living human beings”. We’re…