Big sister jailed after punching child, tells police she can’t control her feelings after watching Halloween

feat Moore, Haley

20-year-old Haley Moore was charged with domestic assault after admitting to police that she punched her sister in the shoulder because she was angry after watching Halloween and feels her medication is no longer effective.

East Nashville’s Taylor Anne Chew Says You Can’t be an Indian for Halloween… or Wear That ‘fun sexy costume’

As Halloween is nearing, we are choosing costumes and preparing for a night of fun. But before you go out, you should verify that your costume doesn’t offend anyone – at least that’s what East Nashville’s Taylor Anne Chew says. Chew, who owns ‘Cheeky Designs‘ (a local unlicensed business, from all appearances) went on a social media rant earlier this week, about how people are not allowed to dress up as an “Indian”, “native american”, “Pocahontas”, or “any other variation on this very real race of living human beings”. We’re…