Washed-up Nashville entertainer arrested after social media threats to his father

41-year-old Robert Davidson, better known locally as ‘Rob Dee’, was charged with violating an order of protection when his dad told authorities that he was threatening him on Facebook, which is specifically prohibited in his OOP.

Antioch man asks victim to drop charges via Facebook, charged with contempt

34-year-old Samer Al Hameed was charged with contempt for violating bond conditions and order of protection violation when he was reported by his ex-girlfriend for contacting her through Facebook asking her to drop assault charges.

Madison woman threatens to shoot up ex-girlfriend in phone calls

28-year-old Shontel Jenkins was charged with harassment of her ex-girlfriend, Zakiya Cooper, after allegedly threatening to shoot her and her apartment. Cooper claims that the threats made her feel “distressed, intimidated and frightened.”

JAILED: “I don’t have time for a b*tch to put me in jail, because I will smack the sh*t out of you”

Zackery Wyatt was arrested after getting into a fight with his girlfriend, raising his hand and threatening to “smack the shit” out of her. He then fled the area, and left her a voicemail saying “I don’t have time for a bitch to put me in jail”. He was later located and arrested, charged with harassment.

Woman arrested for placing $200 ‘hit’ on her two sisters, offering cash for harm: Crystal ‘Chelle’ Summers

Crystal ‘Chelle’ Summers was arrested and charged with two counts of harassment on Friday, after she posted a ‘hit’ on her sisters on Facebook, offering anyone $200 cash to harm them, giving locations and other details. From the details we were able to gather, on Wednesday night Summers was in a physical altercation with one of her sisters, Candice Winston. At some point, their other sister, Tori Winston, stepped in and broke up the fight between them, but not before Crystal Summers took Candice’s wig from her. Summers was not…

Local Facebook Handyman Accused of Raping Child of His Client: Derek J Townsend ARRESTED

On January 11th 2018, Derek J Townsend, 28, was hired to fix a plumbing issue at a residence in Goodlettsville. Below is is the ad that he has posted all over social media in local neighborhood groups and his own timeline. (This particular one was posted 2 days after the incident below). While at the residence the suspect made several romantic advances towards the minor child (age 14) of the client,  and commented several times on how beautiful the minor child was, according to a police report filed overnight. Townsend worked…

Ethan Loveless (Recorded & Shared Sex w/o Girl’s Permission) Given Deferred Judgment / No Conviction

4 months after his arrest (a felony charge) for illegally videotaping a sexual encounter with a girl without her knowledge, and sharing it on social media without her permission, Ethan Loveless appeared in court today in Nashville. In a plea deal, he will get 11/29 unsupervised probation – which as long as he completes with no other charges, this charge will disappear and be expunged like it never happened. Except for here. We’re publishing it before expungement. So for here, it will remain forever. All it cost him? $375.50 in…

Nashville Uber Driver Posts Pickup Address Online After Passenger Complaint Against Him

Tom Dueringer, who has been driving for Uber for about 17 months, was driving his 2016 Ford Focus Friday night when he got a ping to pick up passengers in East Nashville. Due to the ongoing road closures due to construction,  a slightly longer route had to be taken to their Donelson destination. Due to this, or other reasons, Dueringer received a notice that he had complaints on his professionalism and safety. He determines, in his mind, that it must be from these particular passengers, and posts their pickup address…

Woman Urinates in Nashville Uber – Driver Gets $80 for His Troubles

Travis Clark was just starting his night of driving for Uber Friday night in Nashville, when around 7PM his first ride was a nice female rider in her fifties, on a ride that lasted about 40 minutes. Clark even says there was great conversation along the way. Everything was going well until she got out of his car at her destination. His passenger seat was covered in urine. Not a drip. Not a drop. Not a dribble. Saturated in Urine. And as she separated herself from the seat, the smell…