Man tells ex-girlfriend she has 7 days to get the f*** out of town in harassing voice message

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27-year-old Samuel Worley was charged with harassment after he told his ex-girlfriend she, “has until the 29th to get the F*** out of town,” because he is tired of her bullsh*t and drama.

On September 22nd, Krissmaanne Laursen received a voice message through Facebook messenger from Samuel Worley. In the message, Samuel told Krissmaanne that she had until the 29th to be the fuck out of town because he is tired of her bullshit and drama.

Samuel Worley (MNPD)

He then went on to say that if she had a problem with it, that she could meet him at the War Memorial that night if she had the balls. The message caused Krissmaanne distress and gave her an immediate sense of fear for her life.

On October 12th, Samuel Worley was arrested and charged with harassment causing emotional distress. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

Worley is booked under the misspelling of Whorley in the local booking systems.

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