Wife charged for pulling husband’s ponytail while arguing about divorce paperwork

29-year-old Jomilla Newsom was charged with domestic assault after her husband claimed she hit him in the back of the head and “pulled out his ponytail” during a disagreement about him refusing to sign divorce paperwork.

Man starts fight in Citizens Bank parking lot

26-year-old Ritchy Lubin was charged with aggravated assault after he reportedly started an argument with a man in a Citizens Bank parking lot and attempted to pull his firearm on him as the attack escalated.

Man caught stealing liquor; detained by store owner until police arrive

51-year-old Jerome Jenkins was charged with theft after he was caught attempting to steal liquor by the owner of the establishment.

Man sends class classmate to hospital after tasing him in the chest

18-year-old Victor Vazquez was charged with assault when he reportedly chased his classmate down a hallway and tased him in the chest, sending his classmate to the hospital.

Woman collars son for refusing her weekend visitation

38-year-old Krystal Harrington was charged with domestic assault after she reportedly left abrasions around her son’s neck while trying to drag him out to her car for weekend visitation.

Teen caught with weed, a stolen Jeep, and a Glock 19

18-year-old Jayden Corley was charged with theft, possession of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia after he was caught on surveillance video exiting a stolen Jeep and was later found with weed and a Glock 19.

Felon in car spotted with loose marijuana; search yields 9mm Beretta

26-year-old Samuel Hall was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, and felon in possession of a handgun after officers found a grinder in his car as well as a Berreta under his passenger seat.

Car burglar caught again; admits she broke in to look for money

25-year-old Dominique Chapman was charged with burglary after a neighbor reported seeing her go into a vehicle she did not own, then admitted to officers she broke in to look for money.

Memphis men in stolen car lead Metro Nashville Police on high-speed chase

25-year-old Andreotti Cole was charged with evading arrest, as well as theft of property and 23-year-old Derrick Stovall was charged with two counts of evading arrest, theft of property, and possession of cocaine after officers spotted them in a stolen vehicle and found cocaine inside during a search.

Man with gun harasses ex; attempts to hop into back seat of car while she is parked

42-year-old Robert Arnett was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism after he harassed his ex-lover, pulled a gun on her, and hit her car with his multiple times.