Woman turns argument physical when she punches, bites, and strangles boyfriend

26-year-old Latressa Penniman was charged with domestic assault after she strangled her boyfriend during an argument until he couldn’t breathe.

Man charged after hitting girlfriend several times in her face

42-year-old Charles Hurd was charged with domestic assault after his girlfriend reported to police that he punched her several times in the face during a disagreement in her apartment.

“Pack your shit and get out,” man tells girlfriend after being asked to turn TV down

23-year-old Kendall Johnson was charged with domestic assault after he squeezed his girlfriend’s head, strangled her on the bed, and pulled her back into the house when she tried to escape so that he could punch her a few more times.

Man caught a year after assaulting his brother with unknown object

36-year-old Norman Johnson was charged with domestic assault when he threw an unknown object at his brother which caused a laceration on his leg before he fled the scene and was caught more than a year later.

Man charged after unlocking ex-lover’s door and punching her several times

31-year-old Terrence Moreland was charged with domestic assault after he shoved his ex-girlfriend and punched her multiple times in the face while attempting to retrieve his things from her residence.

Woman leaves Baymont Inn with black eye after “things happened” with boyfriend

26-year-old Chase Baysdell was charged with domestic assault when a call to service for a domestic disturbance at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row lead to police finding out Baysdell had punched his girlfriend in the face earlier that day.

Teen drags juvenile girlfriend across his living room by her hair

19-year-old Lakendrick Covington was charged with domestic assault after dragging his juvenile girlfriend across the Livingroom by her hair during an argument.

Woman fights cheating girlfriend, breaks TV and other items

21-year-old Tykenya Todd was charged with vandalism and domestic assault after she found out her girlfriend was cheating on her, then got into a fight with her and broke a TV and other items.

Man uses physical force to keep girlfriend from walking away

21-year-old Timothy Powell was charged with domestic assault with bodily injury and violation of protection order when he used physical force to keep his girlfriend from leaving the bedroom.

Woman throws bricks at significant other when he threatens to leave

32-year-old Kamen McWatters was charged with domestic assault after she threw four red house bricks at her significant other when he told her he was leaving.