Aleshia Larkin charged with shoplifting $300 of merchandise from Dollar General

24-year-old Aleshia Larkin stole merchandise from the West Trinity Lane Dollar General on June 19th. Larkin entered the establishment, grabbed a cart, collected around $300 worth of items, and exited without paying. An employee witnessed this and provided detectives with her 2016 Nissan Altima’s tag. Detectives identified Larkin by her left arm tattoo and obtained a warrant for her arrest on June 21st. Larkin was taken into custody for theft on June 27th.

Gregory Flagg punches Dollar General manager in face when told to leave store with his open beer

27-year-old Gregory Flagg walked into the Dollar General store on 3rd Ave South with an open beer Sunday. The manager, John Stephens, asked him to leave the location, at which time Flagg immediately turned around and punched Stephens square in the face causing a visible injury.

Man caught stealing groceries found to have 12 outstanding warrants

33-year-old Charles Gordon was charged with theft and criminal impersonation after he gave officers an incorrect name and date of birth, and was discovered to have twelve outstanding warrants.

Scorched tent leads to Dollar General showdown

33-year-old Cesar Melendez-Ramos was charged with aggravated assault after he brandished a firearm and piece of wood and forced a man to the ground and threatened his life because he was angry about his tent burning down.

Woman caught selling stolen diapers on Facebook; booked on multiple charges

28-year-old Jamesha Grady was charged with criminal trespass, vandalism, two counts of theft, and domestic assault when she bit her girlfriend, smashed her windshield with a cinder block, stole $200 worth of items from Kroger after being banned, and took four boxes of diapers from Dollar General to sell on Facebook.

Woman whacks Dollar General employee with big ice scraper

26-year-old Lamonteisha Johnson was charged with assault when she started beating a Dollar General employee with a four-foot ice scraper.

Man pulls out a knife and attempts to stab a woman in a Dollar General parking lot

66-year-old Harvey Sylvester was charged with aggravated assault after he pulled out a knife and lunged at a woman trying to stab her in the stomach.

Man found sleeping in a car that was stolen earlier that day

45-year-old Od Keomuangtai was charged with theft of a vehicle after he was found sleeping in the vehicle in a parking lot with the door open, per report.

Day drunk woman charged with 4th DUI; 12 White Claw cans found in vehicle

64-year-old Sharon Wilder was arrested for her fourth DUI after running through stop signs, red lights, almost hitting several vehicles, and oncoming traffic in a parking lot. Officers spotted two open White Claw Hard Seltzer cans from outside the vehicle.

Confidential Informant takes down Donelson drug dealer

31-year-old Jordan Gay is facing multiple charges after was found with 30 grams of heroin, 8 grams of meth, a meth pipe, a Glock handgun, and a Winchester rifle, after selling drugs to one of Metro’s confidential informants and was arrested in a Dollar General parking lot on Stewarts Ferry Pike.