Booster: 4th theft case. No convictions, despite video of thefts. Meet Candice Collins.

Candice Collins, 35, was arrested again on Wednesday, this time charged with a December shoplifting incident, during which police say her and co-defendant Justin Messick were captured on video stealing merchandise. She continues to avoid consequences, and keep her charges expungeable, despite multiple arrests with video evidence, and continued violations of her never-ending probation.

Quintin Whitman Charged in Nashville Dollar General Robbery

Quintin Whitman was arrested Friday afternoon, as the suspect in the 01/22/18 robbery of a Nashville Dollar General. According to police records, on 01/22/2018 at approximately 5:43 PM, the employees of Dollar General located at 2101 8th Ave S, contacted police advising they had been robbed. During the initial investigation the reporting employee advised a suspect approached the register she was working and purchased a pack of peanuts. The reporting employee stated, once the cash register was open the suspect said “give me the money” as he shoved her away from…