Kimbrasha Beard caught driving stolen Nissan Maxima

23-year-old Kimbrasha Beard was found in a stolen Maroon Nissan Maxima at the Kroger on Mt View Road on March 8th. Detectives located the Nissan Maxima at Hickory Club Drive, where they followed it until they arrived at the mentioned location. They observed Beard get out of the vehicle and enter the Kroger. When she exited, she was detained by the law enforcement on standby. Beard allowed detectives to unlock and run the VIN on the doorframe, which confirmed that the car was stolen.

Zakayla Lloyd jailed after destroying Keshaun Finch’s laptop in fit of rage

21-year-old Zakayla Lloyd told police that Keshaun Finch smashed a communal bedroom window during an argument on March 14. During their investigation, Lloyd also admitted she grabbed Finch’s laptop in a fit of rage, walked outside, and threw it onto the ground, shattering it into multiple pieces. Lloyd was taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

Xzavier Woods charged in assault of Jasoniesha McCullough, mother of his child

22-year-old Xzavier Woods was jailed this weekend on an outstanding warrant charging him with the domestic assault of the mother of his child. Jasoniesha McCullough told police that she and Xzaiver were arguing because he had recently started seeing other people romantically, despite the two still living together. Wood reportedly became extremely upset and started to walk out of the room when Jasoniesha says she attempted to stop him by standing in the doorway. Woods then reportedly grabbed her and threw her around, and tossed her to the ground, leaving her with abrasions on her face, neck, torso, and bother arms, as documented by police. He fled the scene before police arrived, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Darisha Heard breaks out windows, her mother sits on her until police arrive to restrain her

Metro Nashville Police arrived at the home of Isha Ford to find her 34-year-old Darisha Heard outside and very intoxicated. The two had been in an argument, according to the mother, after Darisha’s young son told Isha that Darisha had been driving while drunk. The child was sent upstairs, and the mother and daughter reportedly began to brawl. Darisha is accused of smashing out a living room window and attempting to smash through a second window until she was stopped by her mother. Darisha punched her mother in the face during this tussle, and her mother then had to physically sit on her daughter until officers arrived, at which time she went outside the home. The mother suffered a bruised and blackened eye and glass shards embedded in her body.

Man found sleeping in a car that was stolen earlier that day

45-year-old Od Keomuangtai was charged with theft of a vehicle after he was found sleeping in the vehicle in a parking lot with the door open, per report.