Woman charged after reportedly stealing car from person she went to buy crack with

36-year-old Alicia Sanchez was charged with robbery after she reportedly assaulted a woman in a Honda, pushed her out, then took the car.

Women found in stolen vehicle after dealership pings car tracker

33-year-old Rebecca Vanderbush and 37-year-old Amber Hull were charged with theft of property when police found the women inside of a stolen vehicle that was tracked to a Mapco parking lot.

Man jailed after witnesses say he pulled knife on his brother over parking disagreement

59-year-old Victor Davis was charged with aggravated assault after he pulled a knife on his brother during an altercation about parking.

Man overdoses while driving; found with heroin in pill bottle

37-year-old Jason Gray was charged with driving under the influence after he was found slumped over in his car with fresh track marks on his arm and a bottle of heroin.

Man caught stealing groceries found to have 12 outstanding warrants

33-year-old Charles Gordon was charged with theft and criminal impersonation after he gave officers an incorrect name and date of birth, and was discovered to have twelve outstanding warrants.

Driver of stolen vehicle arrested on Whites Creek Pike

41-year-old Christopher Morris was charged with theft after he was found by THP driving a stolen vehicle on Whites Creek Pike.

Woman uses a bong to hit her roommate; per witness report

25-year-old Kristie Owens was charged with assault with a deadly weapon when after a witness saw her being aggressive with her roommate.