Woman uses a bong to hit her roommate; per witness report

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25-year-old Kristie Owens was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after a witness saw her being aggressive with her roommate.

On September 7th, Metro Nashville Police Officers responded to 424 Chimneytop Drive regarding a domestic disturbance. Officers first spoke with Kristie Owens who explained that she and her roommate, Brian Rosnell had an argument about his phone and car being damaged. Owens told the officers that she did not damage the phone or car but Rosnell did not believe her.

Kristie Owens (MNPD)
Kristie Owens (MNPD)

Kristie then explained she went to grab her bong to smoke, but Rosnell attacked her and threw her on the floor. The officers noted an injury on her lip that she alleged came from the attack. They then spoke with Rosnell who said that Owens attacked him with the bong which led him to restrain her in an attempt to stop her from attacking him. A witness, Mr. Tepper, explained that he saw Kristie Owens holding the bong in an aggressive manner as if she was going to hit Rosnell with it. Tepper confirmed that he saw Kristie hit Rosnell with the bong. Due to a witness and victim statements Owens was taken into custody and transported to booking without incident.

Kristie Owens was arrested and charged aggravated assault with a Deadly weapon She is currently jailed in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

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