Man charged with vandalism after punching girlfriend’s touch screen car radio

27-year-old Brendan Clemmons was charged with vandalism after he destroyed his girlfriend’s car radio during an argument on their way home from the bar.

Man pulls gun on his ex-girlfriend and her father, says he’s going to “shoot everyone”

23-year-old Deonte Foster was charged with three counts of aggravated assault after he pointed a gun at his ex-girlfriend, her father, and her father’s friend while saying he was going to “shoot everyone”.

MNPD: 2 officers bear maced by woman in stolen Jetta

21-year-old Kreig Holmes was charged with theft of a vehicle, two counts of assault on an officer, and driving on a suspended license after being caught driving a stolen vehicle, ran into a patrol car, and then maced two officers with bear spray while being detained.

Man admits to penetrating an overdosing 13-year-old girl; said she was asking for it

27-year-old Jackson Hernandez-Gomez was charged with sexual battery after he admitted to penetrating a 13-year-old girl, reportedly while she was overdosing.

Woman swings a knife at her girlfriend during an argument

29-year-old Shanique Mclemore charged with two counts of aggravated assault after she swung a large knife at her girlfriend and a witness during an altercation.

Man pulls a gun on girlfriend and tells her “stop playing games,” per report

22-year-old Markees Hughes was charged with aggravated assault after his girlfriend said he knocked on her door until she opened it and then pulled a handgun out and threatened her with it.

Woman scratches boyfriend’s mother’s face during an argument

21-year-old Zubeida Haji was charged with domestic assault when her boyfriend’s mother claimed she clawed her face during a verbal altercation.

Florida fugitive found with loaded firearm; also has large amounts of cash and marijuana

21-year-old Princeton Reece was charged with a felony drug offense, theft of property, and possession of a firearm when officers spotted him matching the description of a male in relation to recent vehicle break-ins the area.

Nashville man caught taking $50 in items from Walmart attempts to run off

33-year-old Bryan Travis was charged with burglary and resisting arrest when he was caught trying to steal $50 worth of items from Walmart on Nolensville Pike.

Man beats victim and tries to steal his wallet

29-year-old Josue Alvarez was charged with attempted robbery after he struck him multiple times in the head and then tried to steal his wallet, per report.