Man tries to snatch his child, threatens her mother during custody hearing

39-year-old Melvin Pope was charged with harassment with emotional distress when he attempted to yank his 8-year-old daughter from her mother’s arms after emergency custody was filed, and he threatened to kill her.

Man threatens neighbor with gun; says he will “shoot the first police car that pulls up”

46-year-old Gregory Justice was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and violation of conditional release after he threatened his neighbor with a handgun and then told her that he will “shoot the first police car that pulls up”.

Man insists ‘I did not steal anything’ while brandishing a gun at business owner

42-year-old Trevor Hayes was charged with aggravated robbery when he pulled a handgun out of his pocket and threatened the owner of Better Market while he was being confronted about stealing a Colt 45.

Man detained 2 months after reportedly shoving 1-year-old daughter during altercation with mother

27-year-old Deandre Mcallistor was charged with aggravated domestic assault and domestic assault after he reportedly strangled the mother of his child multiple times and shoved his 1-year-old daughter into a bassinet.

Officers take man into custody 4 years after ex-wife reports harassment

55-year-old John Ward was charged with harassment when officers executed a warrant in regard to harassment charges reported by his ex-wife in October of 2016.

Teen places girlfriend in chokehold and threatens her with screwdriver when she tries to leave him

19-year-old Jason Mendez was charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment after he refused to allow his girlfriend to leave, placed her in a chokehold, and pressed a screwdriver to her throat, per witness report.

Nashville man found in Wilson County with a stolen Mazda B2000; says it was lent to him by “Andy”

27-year-old Ryan Adams was charged with theft of property greater than $1000 when a license plate reader positively identified a stolen vehicle and he was questioned by an officer outside of Speedway.

Deputy detains fugitive felon carrying Glock, shrooms, cocaine, weed, Oxycodone, and Xanax

24-year-old Keishawn Robinson was charged with possession of mushrooms, Oxycodone, cocaine, Xanax, marijuana, paraphernalia, possession of a weapon during a felony, and felon in possession of a weapon after being identified by police in a gas station.

Burglar detained 10 months after attempting to pawn stolen golf clubs

25-year-old Joseph Stubblefield was charged with aggravated burglary ten months after police verified that he pawned golf clubs which were reported stolen by his grandfather.

Woman accidentally fires handgun; pierces wall three feet away from neighbor’s head

feat Drake, Cynthia

64-year-old Cynthia Drake was charged with reckless endangerment after she accidentally discharged her handgun through her window and into a neighbor’s bathroom.