Man detained 2 months after reportedly shoving 1-year-old daughter during altercation with mother

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27-year-old Deandre McCallister was charged with aggravated domestic assault and domestic assault after he reportedly strangled the mother of his child multiple times and shoved his 1-year-old daughter into a bassinet.

On July 3rd, Metro Nashville Police Officers were dispatched to 5134 Buena Vista Pike in regards to a domestic disturbance. The officers spoke with Bonnie Mitchell, who had contacted police on behalf of her granddaughter, Chealsea Whitaker. She told officers that Deandre Mcallister had already fled the scene following his assault of her granddaughter. Chealsea explained that Deandre was the father of her 1-year-old daughter and that they had begun to argue over $20 that he owed Chealsea and her mother. She said that Deandre became upset and kept going “on and on and on” about being rushed.

Deandre McAllister (MNPD)

Chealsea informed the police that she contacted Deandre’s sister to see if she would help her get him to leave. She stated that Deandre became angry that she involved his sister, snatched her phone, and threw it. He then pushed her by the throat and got in her face. She attempted to retreat into a closet, but Deandre followed her. Their daughter began to get upset, so Chealsea begged Deandre to calm down for her sake, but he refused. He told her “I don’t like you rushing me,” pinned her to the floor and squeezed her neck.

Chealsea attempted to calm Deandre once again by telling him that he was scaring the baby, at which point he pushed the one-year-old causing her to fall onto a bassinet. Chealsea told officers that after her daughter fell, she stated “Oh, momma, my butt.” When she mentioned that he had hurt their child, Deandre claimed “She’s probably not mine anyway.” Chealsea said she picked up the child and sat on the steps near her closet. Deandre shoved her into a set of wooden shelves and began to strangle her again while she had their 1-year-old daughter still in her arms.

Chealsea explained that she called for her grandmother, but after two unsuccessful attempts to get her, she declared that her grandmother was going to get the police involved. She said that when Deandre finally let her go, she attempted to escape the residence and search for her grandmother. Chealsea informed officers that he continued to pursue her, but she was able to open the backdoor in the laundry room and call for her grandmother. Bonnie advised officers that she interveined, and ordered Deandre to leave the property. When he refused to leave, she contacted the police. After a brief verbal altercation, he fled the scene. Officers noted that there was a visible scratch on Chealsea just below her neckline.

On September 10th, Deandre McCallister was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault and domestic assault. He is jailed in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

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