Remembering Paige Turner – Nashville drag queen dead at 33

Paige Turner / Darrell Myers
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Nashville drag legend Paige Turner (Darrell Myers) died on July 4th, 2020, at age 33. Paige was in and out of the local spotlight for years and graced almost every stage at some point in her career, even appearing in Nashville’s fashion model circuit and a Robin Williams movie. She also appeared in the pages of Scoop a few times, and despite hating the coverage, she often disclosed how much it helped her personal growth in some areas of life. There’s one thing for certain – once you met her, you never forgot her.

You might be asking yourself why Scoop: Nashville is covering the death of someone that appeared in our pages previously. The simplest answer is: she wouldn’t have had it any other way. In fact, one of her closest friends called to ask us to do this very thing, and told us what we had previously known, that although she hated the news coverage, she often talked about it, and how it pushed her to do better, to be better – and she certainly achieved that in the years since.

Paige performs at a Nashville Grizzlies fundraiser

Paige was a staple around the Scoop world in the early days, as well as in a local Facebook group, called ‘East Nashville Confessions’, of which I was one of the organizers. Our group had meet-ups at local bars, one of the first of which was MadDonna’s in East Nashville, where we quickly became regulars, with Paige Turner and Raquel Redd hosting Drag Queen Bingo, and other festivities. We celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and just weekly nights out with the dynamic duo, and Paige always went out of her way to make everyone feel welcome, even if that everyone included your boyfriend in her backseat (lol – true story, and should we be absolutely mad if I didn’t include that nugget in this Scoop reference).

Paige was awarded the title of Nashville’s Best Drag Performer multiple times by The Nashville Scene, and in addition to appearing in films, such as Robin Williams’ ‘Boulevard’, Paige also appeared on the song ‘Tens & Twenties’ with Raquel Redd:

Paige was involved with so many community activities and events and foundations in the city, that I would no doubt leave some out if I attempted to mention them all. She was a contributor to Out & About Nashville and Dragaholic, in addition to her many other artistic endeavors. I sincerely hope that at some point in your Nashville journey you were introduced to Paige Turner and her selfless giving back.

Paige Turner performing in the talent portion of Miss Gay Pride

Fly high Paige, and catch those coins in the sky. I’ll join the thousands of others in the city that will be missing you. Oh, and if you get up there and Jesus has a husband, keep your hands to yourself. Paige Turner (Darrell Myers) was 33.

Jason Steen, Executive Editor
Scoop Media Group

The family has established a GoFundMe for assistance with the unexpected funeral expenses.

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