Inglewood son hurls apple at mother after being called a pig, per report

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32-year-old Christian Hill was charged with domestic assault after picking up an apple and throwing it at his mother’s head after she called him a pig due to the mess next to his bed, per report.

On June 11th, officers received a call regarding a domestic disturbance at The Volta Condominiums located on 4303 Gallatin Pike. Upon arrival, law enforcement made contact with Sharon Hill, who informed officers that she had been involved in an altercation with her son. According to the affidavit, Christian Hill had been temporarily living in Sharon’s residence over the past few months. Sharon had returned to her home on the aforementioned date to find Christian asleep in bed. Sharon discovered a heap of trash next to the bed and responded by tossing multiple apples onto the pile while calling Christian a pig.

Christian Hill (MNPD)
Christian Hill (MNPD)

Christian reportedly responded to this by grabbing one of the apples and throwing it in her direction. The apple struck Sharon on the head, resulting in a small knot on her forehead, per report. Christian began to shout at his mother after throwing the fruit, leading to the mother’s request for the man to vacate the premises. Sharon wished to press charges against her son.

On June 29th, Christian Hill was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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