Jeremiah Brown kicks apartment door down during altercation with girlfriend

25-year-old Jeremiah Brown had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Aleshia Larkin, at their Pennington Avenue apartment on the afternoon of April 25th. In the earlier hours, Brown was arrested for a separate domestic assault incident. While Brown was transferred to DCSO custody for booking, the staff located a Xanax bar and a small amount of marijuana in his right pocket. Then, the warrant was denied by The High Court Commissioner, resulting in his release. After being released, Brown went to their shared apartment to retrieve his belongings. Brown said he heard voices talking inside the unit and kicked in the front door, causing damage to the door frame. Even after he was advised to call the police by his family members who were present. Larkin said she was intimidated by his actions due to their previous domestic dispute. Brown was seen yelling and shouting at Larkin and refused to disperse after officers verbally commanded him to. Officers then had to physically separate Brown from Larkin. While detaining him, Brown became resistive and would not place his hands behind his back, prompting officers to use “soft empty hand control” to arrest him. Brown was taken into custody for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and contraband in a penal institution.