Woman caught stealing at Walmart gives police roommate’s name

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31-year-old Cody Beneke was charged with assault, theft, criminal impersonation, and contraband in an institution after she stole $57 dollars worth of merchandise from Walmart and kicked a loss prevention officer while being detained.

On November 5th, Cody Beneke attempted to steal $57.13 worth of merchandise from the Walmart located at 4040 Nolensville Pike. According to the affidavit, she went to self-checkout, then the customer service desk, and proceeded to head for the door without ever purchasing the items.

Cody Beneke (MNPD)
Cody Beneke (MNPD)

Loss prevention detained Cody and began to escort her to an office to await police arrival. During this process, she reportedly kicked Dennis Kruggel in the lower leg multiple times causing visible injury. This incident was caught on security cameras at Walmart. Cody later provided the police with her roommate’s name, Kimberly Stephenson, to conceal her true identity.

When officers took her fingerprints while she was being booked they discovered she provided a fake name to hide the nine warrants she had. Officers also found three Narcan nasal spray units on her during booking. Before entry officers recovered multiple needles, a wad of “chore boy,” and a spoon for heating meth. Due to the voluntary seizure of these items prior to booking, it was determined she knowingly entered a penal institution while in possession of a controlled substance.

Cody Beneke was arrested and charged with assault on an officer, theft of merchandise, criminal impersonation, and contraband in a penal institution. She is currently jailed in lieu of a $12,500 bond.

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