Moises Garcia drunkenly curses at police after drinking Modelo beer #ModeloTime

23-year-old Moises Garcia caused a disturbance at the Linbar Drive Apartments on July 8th. Officers were called regarding a male Hispanic with a knife, later identified as Garcia, knocking at the door. When they arrived, they located Garcia in the apartment breezeway. Officers noticed Garcia was drinking a Modelo beer and appeared to be highly intoxicated. Then, officers tried to find out where Garcia lived, but during questioning, he drunkenly rambled and started cursing at them. Garcia was deemed a danger to himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Jevaughn Green beats husband in head with 5 pound golden elephant statue

22-year-old Jevaughn Green was involved in a domestic altercation with his husband, Threishaun Wade-Burnett, at a Cottage View Lane residence on July 3rd. Ameeka Burnett, a witness, notified officers that Green and her son were in an altercation at the residence, which was heard by dispatch in the background. When officers arrived on the scene, they noticed Threishaun bleeding from the right side of his head before speaking with him. Threishaun told officers he was at the location to collect his belongings because he and Green were ending their relationship. Officers noticed Ameeka loading moving boxes and other items into a vehicle before speaking with her. Ameeka claimed she was at the residence and saw Green provoking a conflict with instigative comments. Ameeka also stated that she noticed Green put his phone to his ear and purposely bumped into Threishaun, telling him, “Don’t hit me.” Ameeka claimed she had foreseen something terrible would happen, so she contacted officers for help.

Ameeka informed the officers that Green then attacked Threishaun by pushing and hitting him with his hands before grabbing a heavy object and striking him with it. Officers then asked Threishaun what had happened. Threishaun stated he saw Green grab a golden metal decorative elephant that weighed 3 to 5 pounds and begin swinging it at his head. Threishaun, however, attempted to stay away from the elephant but stated that he was struck at least once in the head during the assault. Threishaun then grabbed Green and wrestled him onto the couch to hold him down in self-defense. The two were separated by neighbors and family before the officers’ arrival. Officers noticed redness and swelling on numerous parts of Threishaun’s body. Officers then saw the abrasions and lacerations to Threishaun’s forehead and elbow. Ameeka told officers that she observed Threishaun bleeding from the head and Green holding the golden elephant in his hands. Threishaun and Ameeka identified the elephant the officers, which was sitting out of place on the kitchen counter, as the weapon that was used during the assault. Due to the witness observations and Threishaun’s injuries, Green was subsequently taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Steven Spencer has altercation near the Pedestrian Bridge

54-year-old Steven Spencer had an altercation with an unidentified party on 1st Avenue near the Pedestrian Bridge late June 7th. Officers observed this and commanded him to stop. When they turned the corner, he had taken a fighting stance with another individual. Then, he entered ACME Feed and Seed and sat at the bar, where officers apprehended him. Spencer was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

DUI: Abel Mullins falls asleep behind the wheel of Ford Mustang outside Barstool Nashville

25-year-old Abel Mullins was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an implied consent violation on June 7th. EMS called for police assistance at Barstool Nashville, and when they arrived, they found Mullins asleep in the driver’s seat of his 2020 Ford Mustang. The engine was off but because the vehicle was push to start and Mullins had possession of the key with it being in his pocket, officers determined he had control of the vehicle. Officers had Mullins exit his car, where they smelled a strong alcoholic odor emitting from his breath. At the same time, he showed signs of inebriation, so they prompted him with sobriety tests, which he consented to and performed poorly. After being informed of implied consent, he refused to provide a chemical sample and was detained for the incident.

Larrisha Owens calls baby daddy’s workplace over 60 times in 3 hours

27-year-old Larrisha Owens was taken into custody for harassment on June 4th. Eric Towles called the police to Wirtgen America Inc., his job, and advised them that the mother of his child, Owens, had called the business over 60 times between 11:57 a.m. and 2:58 p.m. This caused Towles to be annoyed with Owens. He provided officers with two phone numbers from which she had contacted the business. Krista Peterson, security for the establishment, told officers she answered all work-related phone calls and corroborated that Owens called 60-plus times in three hours. Then, while officers helped Towles obtain an order of protection, Owens arrived to drop their child off to him, so they detained her for the occurrence.

Regina Culp chases and attacks daughter

41-year-old Regina Culp had a domestic altercation with her daughter, Lashundria Culp, at their Ruddell Lane on the night of May 7th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Lashundria, who stated she was sitting on the front steps when Regina opened the door and started chasing her through “the community ground.” She stated that she was in fear while running from her mother because Regina had been arrested earlier in the day for attacking her. Lashundria stated she was screaming so loudly that a passerby overheard it while she was at the mailbox. She told officers that she assisted Lashundria by opening her car door and allowing her into her vehicle. Regina denied all claims and said she never left the porch steps. Culp was then taken into custody for domestic assault.

Derek Pinder assaults girlfriend after she wakes up in “A P*ssy Mood”

20-year-old Derek Pinder had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Johnyae Hooten, at their Hickory Hollow terrace residence on the afternoon of February 19th. When officers arrived, Pinder told them that Hooten had awakened from a nap in “A pissy mood.” Pinder stated that they began yelling at each other and told officers, “One thing led to another, and I hit her.” Officers then spoke with Hooten, who advised that Pinder thought she was talking stupidly, causing him to hit and kick her. Officers observed redness on her body from the incident and deemed Pinder as the primary aggressor before placing him in custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Seth Thomas found passed out in Dodge Ram after taking Ambien on I-24 East

45-year-old Seth Thomas was unconscious behind the wheel of his Dodge Ram on I-24 East on February 12th. Before officers arrived, NFD administered two doses of Narcan and transported him to Century Farms Hospital. Officers met medical personnel and Thomas at the hospital. Thomas was Mirandized, and he advised officers that he had taken three times the prescribed dosage of Ambien because he was having trouble sleeping throughout the morning hours of February 12th. Then, Thomas stated he attempted to take an unknown passenger to an unknown address. Thomas stated that he remembered driving down Bell Road and I-24 East, telling officers, “I recall pulling over to the shoulder due to traffic and not wanting to wreck.” Thomas told officers he was unaware that he had gone unconscious. After being released from Century Farms Hospital, Thomas was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Eerin Phillips bites her father’s hand in attempt to retrieve keys

18-year-old Eerin Phillips was charged with domestic assault on July 21st when police arrived at Murfreesboro Pike to a call for possible burglary and found her father, Burmell Phillips, who stated that Eerin and her sisters assaulted him. Eerin told police that she bit her father’s hand in an attempt to get her mother’s keys back; police noted that they saw fresh bite marks on Burmell’s hand.