Derek Pinder assaults girlfriend after she wakes up in “A P*ssy Mood”

20-year-old Derek Pinder had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Johnyae Hooten, at their Hickory Hollow terrace residence on the afternoon of February 19th. When officers arrived, Pinder told them that Hooten had awakened from a nap in “A pissy mood.” Pinder stated that they began yelling at each other and told officers, “One thing led to another, and I hit her.” Officers then spoke with Hooten, who advised that Pinder thought she was talking stupidly, causing him to hit and kick her. Officers observed redness on her body from the incident and deemed Pinder as the primary aggressor before placing him in custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Seth Thomas found passed out in Dodge Ram after taking Ambien on I-24 East

45-year-old Seth Thomas was unconscious behind the wheel of his Dodge Ram on I-24 East on February 12th. Before officers arrived, NFD administered two doses of Narcan and transported him to Century Farms Hospital. Officers met medical personnel and Thomas at the hospital. Thomas was Mirandized, and he advised officers that he had taken three times the prescribed dosage of Ambien because he was having trouble sleeping throughout the morning hours of February 12th. Then, Thomas stated he attempted to take an unknown passenger to an unknown address. Thomas stated that he remembered driving down Bell Road and I-24 East, telling officers, “I recall pulling over to the shoulder due to traffic and not wanting to wreck.” Thomas told officers he was unaware that he had gone unconscious. After being released from Century Farms Hospital, Thomas was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Eerin Phillips bites her father’s hand in attempt to retrieve keys

18-year-old Eerin Phillips was charged with domestic assault on July 21st when police arrived at Murfreesboro Pike to a call for possible burglary and found her father, Burmell Phillips, who stated that Eerin and her sisters assaulted him. Eerin told police that she bit her father’s hand in an attempt to get her mother’s keys back; police noted that they saw fresh bite marks on Burmell’s hand.