DUI: Arick Guzman drove his vehicle onto train tracks, heavily intoxicated

Just before 4 a.m. Saturday, police were dispatched to the train tracks near Vaughns Gap Road and Hwy 100, where 36-year-old Arick Guzman had driven his white Dodge Journey SUV onto the tracks. He was located outside the vehicle, barely able to stand and with slurred speech. He told officers he had just left a friend’s house and denied drinking any alcohol. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and refused all other testing.

Man caught screaming and cursing on sidewalk when police respond to possible shooting

29-year-old Marquise Porter was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication after police observed him rolling around on the sidewalk screaming and spitting when they were responding to a possible shooting in the area.

Nashville firefighters peddling rainbow ‘Nashville Fire’ t-shirts at gay bar while on-duty this weekend

What appeared to be on-duty Nashville Fire Department Firefighters, in uniform and carrying radios, showed up to at least one Nashville gay bar this weekend, selling rainbow themed ‘Nashville Fire’ t-shirts to the gay men in the bar, or as one patron called it on his social media “selling water in a desert.”

Nashville Fire Chief Holt’s Letter to Tim Lankford – Notice of Disciplinary Charges

Shortly after we exposed the hateful and intimidating posts by Nashville Fire EMS District Chief Tim Lankford, he took several weeks of ‘sick leave’ that he had built up – so he was not presented with the 64 page letter below, and the accompanying charges from the Civil Service Commission, until very recently. He had an initial informal meeting with the NFD upper management on July 13th 2016, and the department has 10 calendar days to notify him of if it’s disciplinary decision – which will be July 23rd, so…