Nashville ‘Patriot’ assaults MNPD officer in elevator after public intox arrest

30-year-old Kristy Regis, an aspiring social media influencer and self-described Trump Patriot, faces multiple charges after Metro says she repeatedly kicked the police officer who arrested her.

TN Mayor says COVID is “flu created by satanist Bill Gates”, rallied on by citizens

On December 15th, Stewart County Mayor Robin Brandon once again took to his Facebook profile to articulate his feelings and opinions on COVID-19, Trump’s “re-election”, and “satanist Bill Gates”.

“Trump Told Me To Do It” – Nashville Shores Sexual Assault | Billy B. James

On Friday Night (10/06), just after 11PM, MNPD was called to Nashville Shores (Haunted House Attraction) on a report that a 40 year old man had fondled 4 female employees. Victims state the man, identified as Billy B. James, had come through the haunted attraction twice, once with his 2 nephews and an adult female, and a second time with just his nephews. According to one victim, age 20, he caressed her breasts and grabbed her victim’s crotch and told her “Trump told me to do it”. A second victim,…

Nashville Uber/Lyft Driver Marc Bills Says Protesters from Black College Should be Pepper Sprayed & Chained To a Tailgate

On Wednesday, around a hundred students from historically black Fisk University protested the election of Donald Trump as President Elect, and shut down traffic on several streets near the capitol. Nashville Uber & Lyft drivers were among the first to be impacted by the delays, and make their disappointment known via social media. Most were understanding, some agreed, some disagreed, but some were outright belligerent about their disgust of the protestors, and other drivers agreeing with them. Driver Marc Bills surprised many when he came out with his thoughts on…

Corley Roberts’ Hibiscuses are STOLEN, Considers a TRUMP ‘WALL’ to Secure Replacements

While Corley Roberts was out of town over the past few days, she claims that someone opened the gate of her fenced in yard, and cut down all of her bright red Hibiscuses. She states “I’m very discouraged to find that over the last few days while I was out of town – someone saw something in my yard they just had to have and helped themselves!” Roberts continues to describe the missing flowers, and even included a recent photo.. “Beautiful big red Hibiscus – every single one of them…