Child Sex Indictment: Metro Cop, Kipp Teacher, Former Joelton Band Director accused with same victim

A Metro Nashville Police Officer, A former Joelton Middle School Band Director (who was more recently a Fisk University Professor), and their friend, who is now a High School Health teacher at Kipp Academy, are all charged with various sex crimes against a boy who was 13-year-old at the first incident, some of which have continued as recent as 2017. All three men are friends at took part in a young mentoring group through a college fraternity. The men are MNPD Officer Corey Reed, 31, Kipp Teacher Derek Calvon Hill, 25, and MavVelous Brown, 30, who is not yet in custody.

TSU Police arrest Jayden Lawrence for assault of Dr. Andre Bean, TSU Men’s Initiative Director

19-year-old Jayden Lawrence is charged with the assault of Dr. Andre Bean, the Director of the Men’s Initiative at Tennessee State University. In what may be the most poorly written arrest warrant we’ve ever published, Sgt. Horace Green of the TSU Police Department doesn’t specify how the alleged assault happened but lists Dr. Bean as the victim. The Sgt was escorted to the alleged fight by Arch Angel Security on Monday afternoon to find a large group of students gathered in a circle in the hallway. When he arrived, Dr. Bean was restraining Jayden Lawrence but never actually alleged any assault took place. Lawrence requested medical attention, was evaluated at Metro General, then transported to booking. 

Charles Michael Graham Jr. charged with sexual battery of female roommate during a massage

35-year-old Charles Michael Graham Jr., a Librarian Assistant at Fisk University, is charged with the sexual battery of his female roommate, who says he touched her sexual areas without consent and became aroused during a massage. Heaven Pryor told police Graham, who is her roommate, offered to give her a massage, and she accepted. She says she told him she was “gay as f–k”, and was not into him in any sexual way. She says Graham moved from her back to her buttocks and then to her pubic area and other parts of her body, each time with her having to tell him to stop. She states he also stopped multiple times due to getting aroused. He is free on a $2,000 bond.

Grindr: Fisk President accused of drugging man after gay hook-up; Placed on leave from university

A Nashville magistrate signed an order of protection against Fisk University President Dr. Kevin Rome, Sr. after a man claimed he met Rome via the gay dating app Grindr and testified Rome had drugged him, threatened to kill him and destroyed his apartment.

Former Miss Fisk Shalimar Leggett Gates Arrested – Stealing From Wal-Mart

Shalimar Leggett Gates was once a Miss Fisk, and until very recently a kindergarten teacher with MNPS. Now she’s out on pretrial for a theft charge, for stealing from Walmart with Steven Gates. According to a police report, on 01/28/18, officers were dispatched to the Dickerson Pk Wal-Mart on the report of two subjects that were shoplifting, and currently in custody of the store’s loss prevention office. Upon reviewing the security footage, Shalimar Leggett Gates & Steven Gates were in the self checkout line inside Walmart. Shalimar can be seen…

Nashville Uber/Lyft Driver Marc Bills Says Protesters from Black College Should be Pepper Sprayed & Chained To a Tailgate

On Wednesday, around a hundred students from historically black Fisk University protested the election of Donald Trump as President Elect, and shut down traffic on several streets near the capitol. Nashville Uber & Lyft drivers were among the first to be impacted by the delays, and make their disappointment known via social media. Most were understanding, some agreed, some disagreed, but some were outright belligerent about their disgust of the protestors, and other drivers agreeing with them. Driver Marc Bills surprised many when he came out with his thoughts on…