Grindr: Fisk President accused of drugging man after gay hook-up; Placed on leave from university

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A Nashville magistrate signed an order of protection against Fisk University President Dr. Kevin Rome, Sr. after a man claimed he met Rome via the gay dating app Grindr and testified Rome had drugged him, threatened to kill him and destroyed his apartment. Rome has been placed on leave from the university.

On August 7th, Magistrate Chris Hofstetter signed a Petition for Orders of Protection against Fisk University President Doctor Kevin Rome Senior. The petitioner claimed to be President Rome’s former intimate partner and that he was afraid for his safety. The order states that the pair spent the night together in May after hooking up via the gay dating app Grindr.

Dr. Kevin Rome, Sr. (Source
Dr. Kevin Rome, Sr. (Source:

He also claimed Dr. Rome, who he knew as “Rob” showed up on his doorstep a week later on May 14th, somehow skirting security. The statement claims that Rome drugged him with Gamma-hydroxybutyrate, better known as GHB or the date-rape drug, before inviting people into his home for a night of drugs and sex. The alleged victim confronted Rome after noticing a closet belonging to his landlord had been broken into and some of his own possessions came up missing.

Fisk University President Dr. Kevin Rome, Sr. (Source
Fisk University President Dr. Kevin Rome, Sr. (Source:

A man he recognized from that very night threatened him on August 6th with a message from “Rob”. The message warned the petitioner to “stay away from his people” and that he would be killed if he “continued to date black men”.

Fisk University President Dr. Kevin Rome, Sr. with the late U.S. Representative John Lewis (Source Facebook)
Fisk University President Dr. Kevin Rome, Sr. with the late U.S. Representative John Lewis
(Source: Facebook)

He also testified that the messenger confessed to vandalizing his apartment between June 14th and 15th. The vandalization included burglary, “homophobic things” written on the walls and sewage damage from the plumbing being sabotaged.

Photo from the alleged Grindr account of Dr. Kevin Rome

A statement from Fisk University reads, in part:

Monday, Aug. 10, Fisk University learned that allegations unrelated to our school had been made against University President Kevin Rome, PhD.  As this is a personal matter not connected to the school, we cannot comment on the specifics. Dr. Rome has been placed on leave until the matter is resolved and Provost Vann Newkirk, PhD, will assume his duties effective immediately.

The alleged victim has been living in a hotel since his home was broken into and believes that President Kevin Rome’s motivation was jealously from him dating Rome’s ex. The order of protection claims the man is “terrified to leave” his home due to “the threat on my (his) life”. He swore to the fact that he believes Dr. Rome will kill him.

Dr. Kevin D. Rome, Sr. became 16th President of Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee on July 1st, 2017. He is married to Stefanie Rome and they have two children. Dr. Rome stated “I’m just as shocked as you, I have no idea who this person is and I can’t even respond to it because I don’t even know who they are” via telephone on August 10th.

The petitioner has previously accused a man of sexually assaulting him on three separate occasions at a Brentwood YMCA facility by groping his genitals in the men’s locker room. These incidents occurred between 2015 and 2016. The settlement details of that case were not made public, however, the YMCA removed the accused person from their membership.


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9 Thoughts to “Grindr: Fisk President accused of drugging man after gay hook-up; Placed on leave from university”

  1. john wiggins

    PPLEASE TAKE DOWN THE PICTURE OF THE LATE SENATOR JOHN LEWIS ON THIS PAGE!! His image should not be anywhere in this news article. THIS IS NOT ABOUT HIM!!! and you should not be creating an image that may imply that he is in anyway socially or perceived involved in the alleged activities mentioned. Doing so Desecrates all that he has done for this country. Surely he would notWhy would you do that? You have enough images of Dr. Rome to display. Why? Why???

  2. Please leave the picture of his wife and children off the website. We all hurt from this. Our community hurts enough right now. PLEASE

  3. Lincoln Alumni

    Lincoln University doesn’t want to get drugged into this Fusk University situation can please remove our symbol and name or find a different family photo to expose this man with… Your taking innocence bystander and shooting it… please remove our University find some fisk photos

  4. Again, please remove the picture of the President of Fisk family and the picture of him with the late John Lewis. What is this relevant? It just isn’t kind to the Black Community. While I do support you I think Blacks in Nashville have a hard enough trying to survive as a family. Please.

  5. Ned T.

    News is news and the fact that he was affiliated with Fisk, Lincoln, and Lewis is an important part of the story. Leaders are held to a higher standard and this behavior (alleged) is reckless considering his position at Fisk.

    Reasonable people do not associate his behavior with the academic institutions, and I think anyone can see the Lewis picture was a photo-op.

  6. Why keep insulting the Black Community. Remove his wife’s picture. She has nothing to do with this article just as the Hon. John Lewis has nothing to do with this article.

    It is shoddy and bad journalism to tell the Nashville community about his family. Are you. trying to destroy his wife’s career? His poor children attend school in Nashville, and you know how children can be cruel sometimes to each other.

    My only prayer is that in the next world – you end being Black and better yet try it now – suffer like we suffer in this city of white racism.

    Shame on you. I never thought I would see Scoop joining the racist in our city to destroy my people.

    Remember this: Following the Civil War up until the Civil Rights Movement — and beyond — white-owned newspapers across the South served as cheerleaders for white supremacy and their racist coverage had many fatal consequences for African Americans. I cannot forget this.

  7. Fisk Supporter

    I believe it is irresponsible to have a photo of his children and wife in this story. Please do not victimize them and remove it.

  8. scottyhotty

    I’m calling BS on the accuser. From experience, if someone is on a gay hookup site, then guess what? He was looking for a hookup with a man because grinder isn’t a place that one goes looking for that special someone to live out retirement with.

  9. DDDDDuane

    SHEEIT!!!! How coult an adorable afacan amerikun guy in a yellow bowtie be gay?
    He Din Du No NUFFINS!!!!
    Dis MUS BE removed AWN DA DOUBLE!!!!!

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