MNPD considering Seattle PD’s LGBT Safe Place initiative in response to transgender shaming incident

MNPD considers Seattle’s ‘Safe Place’ initiative in response to recent transgender shaming incident. The program would simply put ‘rainbow badge’ stickers on businesses where LGBT citizens could wait and ‘feel safe’ while waiting for one of those officers to arrive, when they report a crime.

Joey Newkirk Arrested for Assault on Female Friend. Man Beaten While Unconscious.

Joey Newkirk, 39, arrested and charged with assault, after an incident that included the beating a local realtor after he was unconscious on the ground, and participating in the beating of a female friend, leaving her unconscious in the water. His brother, Nathaniel Clay Rice, who also participated in the above assaults, punched another friend/witness when he asked what happened, before the two casually walked away from the scene.

Tennessee Equality Project’s Pride Party: Ticket Prices Doubled if You’re Over 30

Tennessee Equality Project (TEP) proudly states their mission is, in part, to “advance the values of equality and inclusion for LGBT people” in Tennessee. In the past 14 years there’s been nothing to dispute that, until now. Now the non-profit arm of their project, the ‘Tennessee Equality Project Foundation’ is planning an event they’re calling their “First Annual Pink & Purple Pre-Pride Party“, set for June 22. Except this party to celebrate LGBT pride will cost you more than double to attend, if you’re over 30 years old. That’s right,…