Castrated man charged in rape of child, claims it was another personality, pens apology letter — Jeffrey Beckham arrested

43-year-old Jeffrey Beckham is jailed in lieu of a $100,000 bond after writing an apology letter to a 13-year-old victim he is accused of raping, admitting that one of his multiple personalities committed the crime, noting he can recall it in his own memory. The victim was able to positively identify Beckham, disclosing that he had no testicles. Metro Nashville detectives were able to confirm he was ‘all twig and no berries’. This story contains NSFW content.

Hillsboro High: Teen charged after trapping girlfriend in hallway, attempting sex act against her will

Police say school security video shows 18-year-old William Austin Richmond holding his girlfriend against her will, trapping her inside a vacant hallway of Hillsboro High School while attempting to get her to perform a sex act on him after she declined. He attempted to pull her into a stairwell behind a closed door as she struggled to escape. He is charged with two misdemeanors, domestic assault, and false imprisonment. He is free on a $2,000 bond.

New Charge: Michael Shawn Owens confesses to Rape of a 6 year old child

After being arrested for over 300 sexual images of minor children earlier this week, Michael Shawn Owens has now been charged with ‘Rape of a Child’ (felony), and placed on an addition $250,000 bond – for a total of $300,000. The new charge stems from an incident that he has now confessed to while in custody. According to court documents, during an interview with the Shawn Michael Owens (32) confessed that a little over 1 year ago, after getting out of the shower, he inserted his penis into the 6…

Michael Shawn Owens #Arrested: Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, 300+ Items

Michael Shawn Owens was arrested at his home on Wednesday, after detectives found over 300 sexual images of minor children in his One Drive account. On 03/28/18, Michael Shawn Owens, 32, was interviewed at his Woodshire Drive residence in Goodlettsville. He was informed that he was not under arrest, and did not have to speak to the detective. He agreed to the interview, and admitted to using his gmail address to upload sexual images of minor children to his Microsoft One Drive account. Detective Adkins reviewed the content of the…