Intoxicated man found passed out with a 40 ounce behind the wheel

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61-year-old Leon Stinson was charged with DUI and driving on a revoked license when police found him passed out behind the wheel at a railroad crossing with his foot on the brake and a 40 ounce in the back seat.

On August 4th, at the railroad crossing of 24th Avenue and Clifton Avenue, police found Leon Stinson unresponsive behind the wheel of his vehicle. The vehicle was still running and his foot was on the brake. It took police several attempts to wake him up.

Leon Stinson (MNPD)
Leon Stinson (MNPD)

When he did wake, police noticed he had red, bloodshot, watery eyes, and slurred speech. As he was questioned, officers reported that they smelled alcohol on his breath and they could not conduct a field sobriety test because he refused. Inside the vehicle, there was an open 40-ounce beer container in the backseat. He refused to give a blood sample and has a prior DUI from June 19th, 2019 which allowed a search warrant for them to obtain a blood sample. When they checked his license in their system they found it to be revoked.

Leon Stinson was arrested and charged with DUI and driving on a revoked license. His bond was set at $5,000.

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  1. No Agenda

    Racial profiling. How many white dudes have been passed out in a car with an open 40 on RR tracks with the cops simply waiving and passing on?

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