Intoxicated woman calls police and forces them to arrest her

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36-year-old Leah McKnight was charged with public intoxication after she was found standing outside her apartment in the rain with soaked socks and no shoes because she and her roommate had a disagreement.

On March 17th, police responded to a call made by Leah McKnight in reference to a disagreement she was having with her roommate. When police arrived, Leah was seen standing outside the apartment with no shoes and her socks were soaked from the rain. The officer noted that he immediately noticed that Leah was highly intoxicated. Leah stated that she and her roommate were drinking and had gotten into an argument. After police spoke with both subjects, it was concluded that nothing illegal happened between them.

Leah McKnight (MNPD)
Leah McKnight (MNPD)

Leah refused to go back inside the apartment and was slurring her speech and rambling her sentences. She also had no one to come pick her up immediately. Officers explained to Leah that due to her level of intoxication they could not just leave her out in the rain and that if she refused to go back into the apartment they would be forced to arrest her. Leah replied that she did not care. Police then took her into custody for her own safety.

Leah McKnight was arrested and charged with public intoxication. The charge was later dismissed.

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