Booster Jasmine Broyles steals $2,725 worth of merchandise from Tanger Outlets’ Nike Factory store

27-year-old Jasmine Nicole Broyles was one of three black females who stole merchandise from the Antioch Pike Walgreens on March 15th. Elana Robinson, a Walgreens employee, stated that the three females entered the store at different times, adding that two of them exited the store and walked to a silver Honda Accord parked near the front door. At the same time, the third female grabbed two easter baskets totaling $50, exited without paying, and entered the rear passenger seat of the same Honda Accord. They all then fled the scene in the vehicle. After investigating, officers identified Broyles via surveillance, where she was observed entering the driver’s seat of the Honda Accord, acting as the “getaway driver.” A warrant was issued for her arrest on April 9th.

Additionally, on March 18th, Broyles was one of seven people who walked into the Nike Factory store at Tanger Outlets and started taking multiple items off the shelves, totaling $2,725. Officers noted that they took as much merchandise as they could carry, ranging from all sizes, consistent with behaviors from other retail crime groups who shoplift for resale. The location had surveillance footage, which helped officers identify Broyles. Then, another warrant was issued for her arrest on April 23rd. Broyles was taken into custody for retail crime and facilitating a theft on April 25th.

Booster Cassandra Woods steals $6,319 worth of merchandise from TJ Maxx

32-year-old Cassandra Woods stole merchandise from the TJ Maxx on Gallatin Pike North around 6:12 p.m. on May 25th, 2023. While inside the business, she grabbed multiple designer purses worth $5,600 and left without paying.

Then, on June 13th, 2023, around 7:12 p.m., she returned to TJ Maxx, collected $719.93 worth of merchandise, and exited without purchasing the items. Woods was taken into custody for two counts of theft on April 11th, 2024.

Booster Tatyana Burgess jailed after stealing over $2,000 in merchandise across multiple incidents

25-year-old Tatyana Burgess was taken into custody for three counts of theft on February 8th. On April 25th, 2023, Burgess stole $520 worth of merchandise from Academy Sports on Gallatin Pike North and fled before officers arrived. Then, on December 21st, 2023, Mark Wagner, a loss prevention officer, observed Burgess and an unknown individual walk into the Old Navy at Tanger Outlet Mall on Cane Ridge Road, each carrying a bag. Then, Burgess took clothes off the shelves and brought them to the unidentified individual so they could place them in their bags. Once the bags were filled with $1,854.54 worth of items, they walked past the points of sale and left the location. Then, on January 2nd, Burgess and two others, one female and one male, entered the GAP at Tanger Outlet Mall. Burgess walked around the store removing security tags and handing clothes to the male, who concealed them in a blue plastic bag before they left without paying. Officers used store video footage, TN DL pictures, and Facebook to help identify Burgess. Burgess has a history of shoplifting charges in multiple states.

Brionna Grissom charged with stealing $20 of jewelry at Rivergate Mall

20-year-old wannabe booster Brionna Grissom was stealing at the Rivergate Mall on October 30th. Grissom was seen on camera concealing jewelry and not offering payment at the JCPenney store. The total of the items was $20.00. Grissom was booked on the citation for shoplifting on November 21st.

Samya Simmons charged with shoplifting $78 of jewelry from JCPenney at Rivergate

21-year-old Samya Simmons was caught stealing out of JCPenney at the Rivergate Mall on October 30th. Simmons was seen on camera taking jewelry from a stand and concealing it without offering payment. The stolen items were valued at $78.00. Simmons was issued a citation and booked for shoplifting on November 21st.

Tylar Lester pushes out $482 worth of merchandise at West Nashville Walmart

18-year-old Tylar Lester was issued a citation on September 28th after she was caught stealing from the Walmart on Charlotte Pike. Loss prevention officers advised that Lester walked into the store, grabbed items off the shelf, and walked out the door without paying for them. She was taken into custody, and $482.57 worth of merchandise was recovered. She was booked on the citation this week.

Wesley Worthington jailed after boosting a $20 shirt from Dillard’s at Rivergate Mall

27-year-old Wesley Worthington was jailed on June 5th after shoplifting from Dillard’s at Rivergate Mall. Police spoke with loss prevention officers who said they saw Worthington take a yellow t-shirt into the bathroom and left without the t-shirt in hand. Worthington was stopped by the loss prevention officers and caught with a yellow Costa T-shirt concealed in his pants. The cost of the T-shirt was $20. He was taken into custody for the misdemeanor offense due to an outstanding warrant from Bedford County.

Texas Tourist Anea Simon boosts $89 shirt from Dillard’s at Rivergate Mall

36-year-old Anea Simon was jailed on April 15th for stealing a shirt from Dillard’s at Rivergate Mall. Police responded, and Dillard’s management removed merchandise from her purse that they saw her steal on camera. She was given a Notice of Trespass, and police watched the video evidence of her stealing a shirt that was valued at $89. Simon does not qualify for a citation as she is an out-of-state resident.

Joshua Connor charged with felony burglary over $12 in beer from Walmart

39-year-old Joshua Connor is now charged with felony burglary after concealing a 12-pack of beer valued at $12.00 in his backpack at the Antioch Walmart in an effort to steal it, according to police. Loss prevention detained Connor and retrieved the merchandise. Due to him previously being trespassed from the location, Metro Nashville Police charged him with felony burglary.

Booster Lundyia Woods jailed after being identified by an accomplice

21-year-old Lundyia Woods was jailed this week, just three days after one of her accomplices, Jalyn Miller, identified her as being involved in their theft from a Bed Bath & Beyond store, in which they each stole a $100 comforter set. The third accomplice, Alexis Flemmings, has not yet been arrested.