Booster Tatyana Burgess jailed after stealing over $2,000 in merchandise across multiple incidents

25-year-old Tatyana Burgess was taken into custody for three counts of theft on February 8th. On April 25th, 2023, Burgess stole $520 worth of merchandise from Academy Sports on Gallatin Pike North and fled before officers arrived. Then, on December 21st, 2023, Mark Wagner, a loss prevention officer, observed Burgess and an unknown individual walk into the Old Navy at Tanger Outlet Mall on Cane Ridge Road, each carrying a bag. Then, Burgess took clothes off the shelves and brought them to the unidentified individual so they could place them in their bags. Once the bags were filled with $1,854.54 worth of items, they walked past the points of sale and left the location. Then, on January 2nd, Burgess and two others, one female and one male, entered the GAP at Tanger Outlet Mall. Burgess walked around the store removing security tags and handing clothes to the male, who concealed them in a blue plastic bag before they left without paying. Officers used store video footage, TN DL pictures, and Facebook to help identify Burgess. Burgess has a history of shoplifting charges in multiple states.

Latasha Weeden tries to forcefully spread girlfriend’s legs to prove she cheated

42-year-old Latasha Weeden was involved in a domestic dispute with her girlfriend, Tasha Childs, at their shared residence on Old Hickory Boulevard in the early hours of May 3rd. Childs stated that she came home, and Weeden was upset, accusing her of infidelity, and began punching her in the face, head, and back, causing visible injuries to her bottom lip and bruising to her back. Weeden tried to open Tasha’s legs to prove that she had been cheating, and Tasha scratched her on the inner thigh. The assault finally ended when Weeden’s stepmother called Weeden, telling her to leave the residence before the police were called, causing her to flee. Weeden was taken into custody for domestic assault on December 9th.