Dequanya McCord indicted after stealing $250,000 from Family Leisure

A Davidson County Grand Jury indicted 25-year-old Dequanya Sade McCord for theft, forgery, and forfeiture on December 7th. The indictment alleges that McCord, from the 6th day of July 2021 through the 4th day of October 2021, in Davidson County, Tennessee, and before finding this indictment, knowingly did obtain or exercise control over certain property, and falsified invoices to wit: $250,000, or more, the property of Family Leisure, without the effective consent of Family Leisure, with intent to deprive Family Leisure of the property. McCord did acquire an interest in, or receive, certain personal property, to wit: $260,050.44. McCord was taken into custody on May 5th, 2024.

Lakeesha Dixon-Starnes indicted after stealing $32,192 from Hooper Corporation

Lakeesha N. Dixon-Starnes FEAT.

A Davidson County Grand Jury indicted 41-year-old Lakeesha Dixon-Starnes for theft of property and forgery on March 13th. The indictment alleges that Dixon-Starnes, between the 4th day of January 2023 and the 27th day of February 2023, in Davidson County, Tennessee, knowingly did obtain or exercise control over certain property, to wit: a sum of money, of the value of $10,000 or more but less than $60,000, the property of Hooper Corporation, without their effective consent, and did forge writing described as follows: check number 30193 drawn on the BMO Harris Bank account of General Heating and Air Conditioning, dated January 4th, 2023 and made payable to Important Signatures LLC for $32,193.60, of the value of $10,000 or more but less than $60,000, with intent to defraud or harm another, to wit: Hooper Corporation. Dixon-Starnes was taken into custody on April 27th, 2024.

Jordan Lewis busted using fake identity to rent a car at Nashville Airport

23-year-old Jordan Kyle Lewis faces multiple charges after he attempted to rent a car at the Enterprise counter at the Nashville International Airport on November 13th. His Georgia identification, which listed him as ‘John Head’ was not verified as valid in their system, so they called Airport Police to verify it was valid. The clerk mentioned to him that officers were on the way to ensure it was good, and he fled the airport.

But wait, there’s more. Two hours later, Lewis returned to the airport in different clothing and appeared at the National counter for a second attempt to rent a car using his real information this time. The fake Georgia ID was found in his backpack. He is charged with felony forgery, felony criminal simulation, and criminal impersonation.

Piercing Pagoda employee confesses to forged returns scheme totaling near $5,000

33-year-old Jaurice Pegues is charged with pocketing nearly $5,000 in cash from Piercing Pagoda in Opry Mills Mall. He admitted to the crime and wrote a detailed confession to management when confronted with the evidence.

Nashville man caught with counterfeit check charged with forgery and theft

29-year-old Alonte Moses was charged with forgery and theft after he went to a Tennessee Quick Cash location in Antioch and cashed a counterfeit payroll check for $458.65 from Empire Roofing, per report. On December 21st, 2019, Alonte Moses went to Tennessee Quick Cash located at 5302 Mt. View Road in Antioch and cashed “what appeared to be” a payroll check from Empire Roofing for $458.65. When the location contacted Empire Roofing to verify the check, it was determined the check was a counterfeit and was done without their knowledge…

Woman has lover arrested for leaving morning ‘gift’ in her eye.

A Nashville woman awoke to a surprise Saturday morning. She told police she opened her eyes at approximately 10 a.m. and noticed her intimate partner taking care of business in the bedroom closet. She says when he noticed she was awake, he walked over and gave her an unwanted gift that in a location only Lisa Lopes would appreciate. The victim was at her apartment at The Gossett on Church Saturday morning when she says she was sleeping in her bedroom and began to wake up. As she was opening…

Nashville tax preparer indicted on forgery & identity theft charges – In & Out Tax Services

A Nashville tax preparer has been indicted by the Davidson County Grand Jury on charges of identity theft and forgery. She has a long criminal record of theft and burglary, but few knew, because it was under a different name.

ARREST: Matthew Turntine Steals $2,115 from Employer, Easy Pawn | Forgery & Theft

Matthew Turntine, an employee of Easy Pawn, was arrested on Wednesday after admitting to internal investigators that he had stolen from his employer, and forged transactions. According to police affidavits, Turntine admitted to an Easy Pawn investigator that he created a fake transaction of $75 in a frequent customer’s name, and took the cash from the fake transaction for himself. For this, Turntine has been charged with Forgery <$1,000. In a second arrest warrant, Turntine admits to taking items from the pawn shop he worked at, and pawning them at…