Dequanya McCord indicted after stealing $250,000 from Family Leisure

A Davidson County Grand Jury indicted 25-year-old Dequanya Sade McCord for theft, forgery, and forfeiture on December 7th. The indictment alleges that McCord, from the 6th day of July 2021 through the 4th day of October 2021, in Davidson County, Tennessee, and before finding this indictment, knowingly did obtain or exercise control over certain property, and falsified invoices to wit: $250,000, or more, the property of Family Leisure, without the effective consent of Family Leisure, with intent to deprive Family Leisure of the property. McCord did acquire an interest in, or receive, certain personal property, to wit: $260,050.44. McCord was taken into custody on May 5th, 2024.