Arlington Castle shoots at car, caught with 8.6 grams of cocaine

24-year-old Arlington Castle was booked on March 20th after reports from several witnesses of shots fired on Columbus Boulevard. Witnesses stated they saw a black male subject shooting toward an apartment complex and running toward the street. When police arrived, they observed Castle in the middle of the street, shooting at the windshield of a black four-door sedan. Castle then surrendered to the police and was detained. Officers located a black and silver Taurus G2c 9mm handgun. There were five bronze 9mm casings along the road where officers witnessed the shooting. The vehicle that was being shot at fled Northbound on Briley Parkway. During the search of Castle’s person, officers located three plastic bags of cocaine inside his fanny pack. The total weight of the baggies combined was 8.6 grams. There was also a digital scale, which officers noted is usually used for the distribution of controlled substances. Castle was then transported to booking.

Joe Mohan found passed out in Four Points Airport Hotel after screaming about Cocaine

36-year-old Joe Thomas Mohan was disorderly at Four Points by Sheraton-Nashville Airport on the afternoon of March 5th. Officers arrived and spoke with Four Points employees. Employees advised officers that Mohan was in the lobby screaming about cocaine and reeking of alcohol before he disappeared. Then, employees found him lying on the ground on the second floor, where he declined medical assistance. Mohan was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Edward Morena exposes intimate video to ex-girlfriend’s parents

27-year-old Edward Morena was taken into custody for unlawful exposure, violating an order of protection, and domestic assault on February 27th. On October 23rd, Genesis Jose Mendez Castellanos, Morena’s ex-girlfriend, told officers that she obtained an order of protection against him, which was served to him on September 25th, due to prior attacks that happened in Panama City, and then advised she came to Tennessee to get away from him. Castellanos told them that on October 1st, Morena sent an intimate video of them to her family and Jose Gonzalez before blocking him. She provided screenshots of her mother receiving the video and told officers that it was supposed to remain private. Then, she explained that on October 3rd, Morena threatened her via audio messages, saying he would shoot himself after shooting her and everyone else. Castellanos then told them that on October 7th, he messaged her through WhatsApp, which she uses to speak with their 7-year-old. She said it had to have been Morena because her child cannot spell in Spanish.

Asia McMillian-Whittaker rips boyfriend’s dreads out during argument over Amazon Flex

26-year-old Asia McMillan-Whitaker and her boyfriend, Henry Lee Mitchell, had a domestic scuffle at 11th Avenue North on December 23rd. Mitchell talked to the officers as they arrived and advised them that he and McMillan-Whitaker argued while working Amazon Flex. Then, she pulled him out of the vehicle by his hair, ripping several dreads out. A physical struggle ensued, and she continued to pull his hair and punch him repeatedly. Officers observed the dreads on the ground and spoke with McMillan-Whitaker, who gave a similar account of events, admitting to pulling his dreads when he refused to get out of her vehicle. She was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault.

Tyeisha Harris indicted on theft of gift cards from Target

18-year-old Tyeisha Harris was indicted by the July Davidson County Grand Jury for property theft. Between January 11th and 25th, she knowingly stole gift cards from Target. The amount stolen is between $2,500 to $10,000. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $2,500.

Hunter Eavenson charged after slapping girlfriend at Tin Roof; chokehold at home

Jessica Baker says her boyfriend, 28-year-old Hunter L Eavenson, slapped her while they were at the Tin Roof in midtown Saturday. After they returned home for the night, the argument continued and she told Eavenson he needed to leave. Another physical altercation broke out, during which he reportedly tackled her to the ground and punched and kicked her in the ribs while she was on the ground. Eavenson’s brother-in-law pulled him off the victim, and she was transported to the hospital with injuries to her right arm, right shoulder, and rib pain. She says she got in one punch in self-defense. Eavenson told police he put her in a choke hold, but nothing else happened. The brother-in-law advised he witnessed the assault but wouldn’t speak about it.