Frank Davis goes to work at Macaroni Grill despite being banned from Opry Mills Mall

25-year-old Frank Davis was banned from the Opry Mills Mall for three years on March 23rd. On June 4th, at around 4:57 p.m., security flagged officers down, advising them that Davis was on the property. Police located him inside Macaroni Grill, where he is currently employed. Officers informed Davis that although the previous intimidation case was retired for a certain period, mall management still banned him from the premises. He was detained for the incident, and during a subsequent search of him, officers located a 9mm semi-automatic firearm in his waistband. Then, under Miranda, Davis admitted to being a felon and having a handgun, telling officers that he carries the gun to “protect his life.” Davis was taken into custody for criminal trespass and being a felon in possession of a firearm on June 5th.

Jacobi Austin assaults girlfriend at her workplace, tells police to shoot him

23-year-old Jacobi Austin had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Iyohnna Galloway, at her job on Marriott Drive in the afternoon of April 12th. When the officers arrived, they spoke with Galloway, who explained that she and Austin argued after she asked to use the car to get to work. Austin did not allow her to use the car, so she walked to work. Then, a few hours later, Austin showed up unannounced and started getting aggressive toward her for leaving. One of her co-workers, Dwight Williams, witnessed Austin start tensing up and had to tell him to calm down. Galloway stated she was scared and went downstairs to the lobby to be around other employees. After they spoke briefly, she entered the elevator to return to her workspace, where he followed. Once the elevator door closed, Austin pushed and pinned her several times on the wall. After investigating, officers obtained a warrant for Austin’s arrest and went to his listed address at The Highland on Briley Apartments to serve him. When they arrived, he was not there, so they checked the rear of the complex near the leasing office and located his vehicle. Officers then entered the gym, found him hiding, and detained him. While they were escorting Austin to their patrol car, he started resisting, stating that he needed officers to shoot him because he was not going to jail. Officers then placed him on the ground and hobbled him. When officers tried to put Austin in the car, he grabbed ahold of the rear door seal, damaged it, broke out of the hobbles, and tried to run away until officers finally caught him. Austin was taken into custody for resisting arrest, domestic assault, vandalism, and evading arrest on April 13th.