Desmon Davidson, 20, had “seven or eight” shots of liquor before driving

20-year-old Desmon Davidson was arrested in the early hours of Friday morning and charged with underage driving while impaired, underage possession of alcohol, and driving with an open container. Officers responded to a single-vehicle accident on Interstate 24 southeast of Downtown Nashville where they found Desmon in the driver seat, displaying clear signs of intoxication. Davidson performed poorly on field sobriety tests, and admitted to consuming “seven to eight shots” of liquor prior to driving. Inside the vehicle was an open bottle of liquor. In September 2022, Davidson pleaded a DUI charge down to reckless driving in a deferred judgment agreement.

Nevaeh Wilson jailed on $26K bond after spitting on Nashville Cop

22-year-old Nevaeh Wilson was jailed on a $26,000 bond Sunday after Metro Nashville Police say she spat in the face of an officer who was buckling her into the patrol car after an arrest for public intoxication. She initially approached officers who were speaking with a street vendor at 5th & Broadway and began to yell and scream. Officers noted her to be extremely intoxicated and placed her under arrest. After spitting on the officer who buckled her in, she refused to provide any identification or identifying information.