Kaelin Armstrong threatens to kill girlfriend during argument, tells her the police won’t find him

29-year-old Kaelin Lavel Armstrong had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Exondria Sweatt, at her Killarney Park townhouse around 11:35 a.m. on May 14th. Sweatt alerted the authorities, advising them that while in the house, she and Armstrong argued. During their argument, he grabbed her cell phone and smashed it on the floor, breaking it. Then, Sweatt said Armstrong grabbed and pushed her into a closet, knocking her to the ground. Sweatt said Armstrong ripped her wig off before putting his hands around her neck and strangling her, hindering her breathing. Sweatt stated she was in fear for her life, adding that Armstrong told her he was going to “kill her and return to St. Louis” and saying “the police won’t find him.” She was transported to Skyline Medical for further treatment. Armstrong was taken into custody for aggravated assault and vandalism on May 19th.

Brionna Grissom charged with stealing $20 of jewelry at Rivergate Mall

20-year-old wannabe booster Brionna Grissom was stealing at the Rivergate Mall on October 30th. Grissom was seen on camera concealing jewelry and not offering payment at the JCPenney store. The total of the items was $20.00. Grissom was booked on the citation for shoplifting on November 21st.

Samya Simmons charged with shoplifting $78 of jewelry from JCPenney at Rivergate

21-year-old Samya Simmons was caught stealing out of JCPenney at the Rivergate Mall on October 30th. Simmons was seen on camera taking jewelry from a stand and concealing it without offering payment. The stolen items were valued at $78.00. Simmons was issued a citation and booked for shoplifting on November 21st.

Esvin Sanchez-Godinez stabs roommate with knife during argument

20-year-old Esvin Sanchez-Godinez was jailed on April 18th after allegedly stabbing his roommate during a fight at their home on Buckingham Court. Wanfer Mendez- Perez was transported to Tri-Star medical center, where he told police that Esvin stabbed him in his side with a knife during a fight at their home. Police responded to the house and found Esvin lying in bed with blood on his hands and a cut on the palm of his right hand. Officers saw a bloody shirt beside him and a broken knife in the kitchen. Wanfer told police that Esvin smashed his phone into the ground during the fight, destroying it completely. Esvin made statements during the investigation that were inconsistent with the incident and requested an attorney when read his Miranda rights.

Predators executive Jason Oxford found slumped over wheel after “two beers” at hockey game

48-year-old Jason Raymond Oxford was sitting at a traffic light at a Rivergate intersection and nodded off while parked in the lane. The car behind him was a Goodlettsville Police Officer, who pulled alongside Oxford to check on him after he sat through two light cycles. He observed Oxford slumped over the wheel asleep. Another officer arrived, and they blocked the vehicle from the front and back and then woke Oxford. He stated he had “two beers” at the Nashville Predators Hockey game, and officers confirmed he reeked of alcohol. On the floorboard, officers also located a pill bottle with marijuana inside. Oxford is the Director of Corporate Development for the Nashville Predators.

Michael Bostic had the right to remain silent, just not the ability

27-year-old Michael Tanner Bostic is charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct after he interrupted an officer on an unrelated call and caused a commotion accusing her of theft. Officers were at Fox & Hound on Rivergate Parkway on an unrelated call when a female exited the bar with Bostic behind her, claiming she stole $200 from him and kept interfering with the original call for service. He was highly intoxicated and refused all requests to call down and wait his turn. He eventually calmed down and walked away, only to re-engage in the disorderly behavior as the female was speaking to the police. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Samson Mitchell calls 911 & asks to speak to the Chief of Police during his arrest

Goodlettsville Police responded to the Autumn Chase Apartments at 4 a.m. after a resident reported that her upstairs neighbor was beating on her door with a baseball bat, describing him as a white male in jeans and cowboy boots. Officers arrived at the location and located 21-year-old Samson Mitchell, who matched the description of the subject of the call, and who was intoxicated. He told police he was beating on the door of the apartment because he was assaulted by a “meth head” who he believed to live there, described as a black man with long hair. Officers met with the residents of that apartment, who did not match the description of his alleged assailant.

When further questions about what transpired, Mitchell became uncooperative and belligerent. He then used his phone to call 911 and asked to speak to the Chief of Police. As officers attempted to place him under arrest for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, he walked away, and once cuffed, he locked his legs together in an attempt to prevent being placed in a patrol car.

Man charged with stealing 7 scoops of ice cream from Rivergate Mall — Michael Bowden

Police charged 40-year-old Michael Bowden with theft after the manager of Ocean’s Ice Cream inside Rivergate Mall provided police with a security video showing the temporary mall employee climbing over the counter and taking seven scoops of ice cream from the business. A commissioner released him on his own recognizance.