DUI Arrest: Codi Smith Says She Was Never Driving & Arresting Officer is Her Uber Driver!

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Arrested, and in the back of a police car, Codi Smith insists she “was never driving” and the police officer is her Uber driver. We’ve all seen the meme, of a person in the back of a cop car wondering why their Uber driver is so mean like the one below, and now it’s come true – right here in East Nashville, on Dickerson Pike.

Believe it, or not, this is exactly what happened when Codi Smith was arrested for DUI and Implied Consent Charges on Tuesday in Nashville on Dickerson Pike.

Codi Smith was driving south on Dickerson Pk, going about 30mph, but failing to stay in her lane. She crossed off to the right side of the road, into the grass, and then into the oncoming lanes of traffic. Her vehicle had front end damage, and the front tire was just the metal rim when she stopped. She was covered in vomit, and very confused. Her speech was slurred, and she could barely stand.

Once in the back of the police cruise, Codi smith told the arresting officer “she was never driving a vehicle and I was her uber driver”. She refused a blood test, as well as any additional questions.

Smith will appear in court on 11/28.

MNPD Affidavit:

The defendant was observed driving South on Dickerson pike at approximately 30 mph while failing to maintain her lane of travel. The defendant drove off to the right side of the road into the grass and then into the oncoming lanes. The vehicle had front and damage and the front tire was on the metal rim. Upon contact with her she was covered in vomit and was very confused. The defendant was unsteady on her feet and had slurred speech. Field sobriety tasks were performed and the defendant showed 6 indicators of impairment on the HGN, 7 on the walk and turn and 3 on the one leg stand. The defendant was read her miranda warnings and implied consent law. The defendant stated she was never driving a vehicle and that I was her uber driver. The defendant refuse a blood test and to answer any additional questions.

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