Kathleen Reishtein Cooper — too drunk to fly in Nashville; Xanax into the jail

70-year-old Kathleen Cooper was jailed on April 14th after being kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight. Police responded and saw Cooper walking unsteadily down the jet bridge to board the flight as well as dropping her bags onto her head while trying to put her luggage into the overhead bins. When police asked her to exit the plane, she refused, so they had all the passengers deboard the plane except for Cooper, who they had to escort off of the aircraft against her will. They could smell alcohol coming from her breath when asking her how much she had to drink. She claimed to have had one cocktail at the restaurant 400 Degrees inside the airport. It was later discovered that Cooper was in possession of 4 and 3 half pills of Xanax without a prescription that she took into booking.

Man brings over half-ounce of crystal meth into jail in ‘puffy jacket’ after domestic assault arrest

John Larson, 34, was charged with domestic assault and bringing contraband in a penal institution after he fought with his ex-girlfriend and brought 18.2 grams of methamphetamine into the Metro Nashville Jail during his arrest.

Shoplifter punches store security in face, tells MNPD “I should have knocked his ass out”

Myleisha Bennett, 18, is currently held in lieu of a $13,500 bond, after police say she a punched store security guard in the face, then told police “I should have knocked his ass out.” She then attempted to sneak pepper spray into jail with her.

DCSO: Inmate received greeting card with Suboxone inside so he could ‘repay his jail dept’

Staff in the mail room located a Suboxone strip inside a greeting card that was sent to inmate Crag Briley, and investigators were able to review an inmate phone call where a female told him she “sent the package he would need to repay his debt inside the jail”.

Inmate ‘squat & cough’ results in ‘little pink baggie’ of Fentanyl, pepper spray to anus.

Kenneth Johnson has been in a Davidson County Jail since July of 2017, yet on Friday night he was found with Fentanyl and tobacco in what many call his ‘prison pocket’.

Party In Prison IV: Friends in High Places – Guards as Friends on Social Media

When we received a tip about an inmate posting on social media from within prison, we had  no idea how far reaching the issue still was, especially after WSMV’s statewide investigation that began 4 years prior, and still continues. Today, we continue the series, with Part IV – Friends in High Places. While we expected to find inmates talking to each other on social media, and friends on those accounts, what we did not expect to find was state employees and Tennessee Department of Correction prison guards and third-party contractors…

T.D.OC. Inmates on Social Media from Prison (Again): Meet Lance Matlock & Brandon Watson

After years of inmates in Tennessee’s prison systems using cell phones that are smuggled into the institutions to post on social media, contact people on the outside, and even other prisoners, the state has appointed a ‘Chief Interdiction Officer’ within the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC), and appointed Lee Dotson to the post. He began his new role on April 1, 2017, and in the weeks since, he has launched a PR campaign that would appear he’s successful, but is he? We’ve found that cell phones have only gotten cheaper…